Album Review – The Third Wave Of…by the Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness (2022) (Bobo Intergral)


In the hands of any other act, the uniformity of releases would be jumped all over by music critics, stamped with  a metaphorical red flag become destined to end up in $3 Bandcamp Friday bargain buckets emails for ever and a day.
However, in the hands of the Scottish / Spanish duo of the Andrew Taylor (Dropkick) and Gonzalo Marcos (El Palacio De Linares) union The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness and this The Third Wave Of… album, a change to jangle/power-pop perfection could be seen as an even bigger travesty.
As such there are still the lush jangle-pop melodies of As The Day Begins, Open Up The Box and Turning Red ,that thrive on the sheer, beautifully controlled vocals of Taylor and the gloriously gushing romanticism of the twang laden Isolation and The Stars Go Round, that deserve to accompany the wedding dances of the most astute and cool of future newlyweds.
Similarly the Big Star style, subtle jangly power-pop is also still omnipresent in Look Back, In The Right and Old Pictures of Ourselves to add the slightest of crunchy ying to the generally lush yang. A mere slight diversion from the general sun-kissed but they serve to dilute any sense of cutesy or saccharine.
Jangly perfection….as always.






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