EP Review – Full of the Joys of Spring by The Sundries (Self released) (2022)


South East London foursome The Sundries, just have the sound of ‘joy’. Not the unfettered sort that slaps you around the face when your team scores an important goal against the run of play, or when worshipping whatever god you feel atuned to, but that more realistic, casual, simple joy that can be gleaned from life’s everyday experiences.
At their most beautiful the title track and David Letterman hint at the fragile, jangly indie-pop of acts such as The Francine Odysseys or Allo Darlin. All luscious pop-melodies, that never attempt to hide their natural sense of cutesy behind a veneer of contrived cool, this sort of indie-pop always finds cool anyway.
The mid release double salvo of Triumph Herald and Hospital Corners cranks up the sense of fun and the celebration of life’s simple pleasures. Triumph Herald indulges the experience of a trip to the Blackwall Tunnel and Havering courtesy of the playful jangly indie-pop of the Hannah Barberas and The Happy Somethings, whereas Hospital Corners drifts just off the edges of indie-pop and just about into the clutches of The Bangles style, jangly power-pop. You could listen to both tracks on loop all day and both would still engender a smile. 
Gloriously jangly, deliriously indie and cooler that a freezer in the Antarctic, these Londoners provide music to enjoy, just for enjoyments sake.










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