Album Review – New Modern Homes by The Chesterfields (2022) (Mr Mellow’s Music)


New Modern Homes is The Chesterfields first album in nearly three decades. As such if you are eagerly awaiting the arousal of the memories of a million guitar driven gigs of your late 80s / early 90s youth, then a) you are old and you should know by now change is always constant and b) move straight to track 11, My Bed is an Island and revel in the nearest you will get to their sound of yesteryear.
For this album is not what The Chesterfields used to be, as they have evolved from the jangly guitar driven incessance that thrilled so very much, into an act that celebrates everything that was so precious about the same era’s jangly indie-pop scene.
As such, opener Bitesize hints at yesteryear with it’s The Crystal Furs style retro organ and a slight drift towards the obtuse, quirk laden jangly indie-pop of the Television Personalites that is more fully explored in Mr Wilson Goes To Norway, Tuesday Night and The Waiting Room.
Similarly, Our Songbird Has Gone, Mary’s Got A Gun and the simply sublime standout of Postpone The Revolution, mixes the same indie-pop core with an extra layer of The Hepburns style sophisti-pop laconic.
Whilst ‘The Chesterfields do indie-pop’ is truly immense, the more driven tracks still standout for me, if only due to the fact that is what ‘I’ expected. As such You’re Ace From Space with it’s The Bats meets The Loft jangly dulcet and The Black Cillas style dynamism of Oh Mr Ampersand add an extra route to this trip down memory lane.
Yeovils finest are well and truly back and primed to add a whole new set of fans to us olds!







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  1. So funny… When I saw the title of the blog post, my first thought was, “I wonder if they know there’s already a band called the Chesterfields…” Thanks for letting me know they’re back!

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