EP Review – Vacaciones en Orlando by Orlando Mon Amour (Disco De Kirlian) (2022)

I am ‘essence of man’. Rugged like weather ravaged moutain top. Hirsute and unkempt like a grumpy bear and into the sort of sports that can get a bit hurty, I am the reason why testosterone is such a long word. I have even been to the gym before.
Of course I jest. However, I may not be quite the sort of fella who would ordinarily fill the dearly held cardigan, side parting and nerds generalism that has been bandied about since twee began to take a real foothold in the mid 90s.
However, I cannot help myself (…and have never really tried to) in loving a twee-pop genre that Orlando Mon Amour perfectly typify, especially from the perspective of the lusiciously fey avarices that Spanish  twee-pop acts tends to excel in.
As such the best of this quadruple track EP of fey vignettes, is seen in the closing double salvo of Dimelo and Fiesta Perfecta. These tracks never hide a Autoescuela style twee that sidles along at sub mid-tempo, imparting soft melodies, oodles of vocal cuteness and the absolute essence of middle class contentment. In the hands of the Spanish and the natural innocence of their ‘singing accents’, it just becomes more of all the above and something that just seems to fit the happier moments of life like  fluffy gloves in winter.
The other two tracks, Canta otra canci​ó​n and M​á​gico verano, venture into slightly more mid tempo climes amd mix their twee with the big 60s pop rhythms that are reminiscent of The Ronettes and the more inecssant rhythms of their countrymen acts like The Yellow Melodies and Madbil.
Another absolute winner from a Discos De Kirlian label that is simply unrelenting in it’s twee pop greatness.









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