EP Review – Simple EP by The Radio Field (Less Records / Subjangle) (2022)


Cards on the table…the Subjangle label that is associated to this blog (in conjunction with our German friends at the impeccable Less Records label) released this EP. So all accusations of bias are not only true, but warmly accepted.
For we simply love this EP. Not just because it ‘jangles like keys in a bell’ (a saying that received an ‘is that good’ enquiry from Dusseldorf based project pioneer, Lars Schmidt) but also because it just engages on the most simplistic of levels across it’s four tracks, to totally justify the perfectly named Simple EP. No fluff, no fuss, just pure quality.
Jangle-pop is never far away as a core aesthetic, in fact it is totally dominant. At it’s most lucid, Years Ago and Clover offer 12 string ricks that simply shimmer with sweetness amid a dulcet, subdued beauty that is so reminiscent of the recent Lost Ships and The Shop Window sound, in their brit-pop edged 90s persuasions.
The other two tracks, The Wait and Congratulations (a brilliant cover of a Strange Magic track…if you like lo-fi fuzz then check this act out here), are equally as jangly, but have that deeper, danker sense of brooding occasionally seen in Schmidt’s other Subterfuge project. Such tracks drift along with a feeling of strangely refined melancholy and slightly enhanced muscularity.
I am reliably informed that an album is in the process of being made…it cannot come soon enough !






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