Beat The Delete #0185 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining us for this weeks’ new music recommendations on Beat The Delete 0185, bringing you 16 great tracks from new and old favourites.

Blues Lawyer

Track: I Don’t Mind From:  I Don’t Mind (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Does the mixture of The Dolly Mixtures and the Shop Assistants sound like something that might appeal. If so get your buzzsaw / twee-pop dancing shoes on, with this glorious cover of a Buzzcocks classic.

The Silent Boys

Track: Christine From:  Sand to Pearls, Coal to Diamonds (album) Label: Too Good to be True Out: Album out 04.11.22
This stunning initial single from the forthcoming Sand to Pearls, Coal to Diamonds album, takes a jangled lucidity that is akin to The Royal Landscaping Society and juxtaposes it with the earliest The Go-Betweens indie pop edge. I simply cannot wait for this release!

Burn The Louvre

Track: Dumb From: Dumb (single) Label: Broken Glass Records Out: Now
This perfect juxtaposition of subtle garage rock and jangle-pop, will become your ultimate ‘earworm track’ after just one listen.
This sound of this indie duo based out of Hamilton, ON and comprised of Jordan Speare (vocals/guitar) and Sean Cooper (guitar/vocals), just hits you from every conceivable angle and never lets you go.

Beach Novels

Track: Talking Back From: Drown (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Beach Novels, make the sort of gentle jangly dream-pop music that every young couple should fall in love too. Languid, melodic perfection.

Evening Glass

Track: Stomping Through The Cosmos From: Steady Motion (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
The Steady Motion EP is an eclectic mix of all that is good about the more dulcet end of the jangle-pop spectrum.
This Stomping the Cosmos track sees the Sonoma, California, based foursome move towards the twanging, uncluttered simplicity of the Flying Nun type sound, to wonderful effect.


Track: Why From: Why Label: Self released Out: Now
Unapologetically lifted from his promo blurb, as It is perfect description: “Varamon is Swedish singer/songwriter and producer Fredrik Hultin, whose neo psychedelic indie pop is cloaked in melancholic Scandinavian noir.
Combining 60s folk and psych rock elements with majestic electronica, Varamon is the sound of the few seconds just before you fall asleep: dreamlike, mysterious, hopeful and adventurous.”

The Background World

Track: Why From: Why Label: Self released Out: Now
This Swedish based duo have that beautifully etheral, jangly dream-pop that is so reminiscent of their countrymen, Holy Now. A truly stunning track.


Track: Birthright  From: Birthright (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Imagine David Bowie taking on the indie/psyche-pop mantle and you are just about in the right musical ballpark as this glorious, obtuse and strangely beguiling Peter Blackman led project.

Silver Liz

Track: L.I.F  From: L.I.F (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Dream-pop infused with pedal steel guitar, should not really work on so many levels. However, in the hands of married couple, Matt and Carrie Wagner it adds new and invigorating beauty to the genre.

The Tuners

Track: Bicycle Rider From: Bicycle Rider(single) Label: Like You Mean It Records Out: Now
Drifting equidistant between The Beatles psyche, lo-fi slacker-pop and The Beach Boys melodic, The Tuners are everything you forgot you love about 60s music.

Phantom Handshakes

Track: Stuck in a Fantasy  From: Passport to Remain (album) Label: TBA Out: Album out 03.11.22
Matt Sklar and Frederica Tassano continue with their version of the burgeoning jangle-gaze movement, adding a swirling sense of Cocteau Twins style ethereal that simply haunts with it’s beauty.


Track: Cemetry  From: Cemetry (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Flirting with the shoegaze inspired dreampop of Day Wave and M83, this debut single suggests there could be a new face taking it’s place at the table of modern jangle gaze greats like The BV’s, Phantom Handshakes, Swiss Portrait and Community Swimming Pool…the best act Spirit Goth or Z Tapes have not signed yet !

The Moonjacks

Track: Sk8 Hi  From: Sk8 Hi (single) Label: Pacific Records Out: Now
Forcing the Urban Kansas City surf rock sound of acts like Tennis Club and Eggs on Mars to run headlong into early 2000s, US Bratpop, this threesome make a glorious Surf Curse style melodic cacophony.


Track: Relapse  From: Viewfinder (EP) Label: Fierce Panda Records Out: 18 November 2022
There used to be a time (it was called the 80s) where genuine songcraft used to be accompanied by guitar-pop so smoothed and seamless that all other music just seemed cluttered in comparison. Gardening are bringing such craft back to pop.


Track: Bones  From: You’ll Be Forgiven (EP) Label: The Orchard Out: Now
This Canadian duo (formerly Moscow Apartment) are marching down the same road that jangly dream-pop chanteuses such as Hatchie and Poppongene have forged and are threatening to make the eventual destination very much their own.

Vera Ellen

Track: Homewrecker  From: Homewrecker (single) Label: Flying Nun Out: Now
This Wellington, New Zealand chanteuse is the famous Flying Nun labels’ very own Courtney Barnett. All dulcet indie folk meets 80/90s guitar pop, this is downplayed jangle at it’s finest.


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