EP Review – Steady Motion by Evening Glass (Self released) (2022)


You need to give Steady Motion time to ferment. In fact you have no choice really. For it simply will not be rushed into become 2022’s ‘ultimate grower’.
Persuaded to eradiate, courtesy of slight shifts around various subtleties of languid, the very best of the release benefits from flirtations with mid-tempo in the superlative stand out of Stomping Through The Cosmos, the Lewsberg inflected semi-spoken word of Admiration, Envy and Love and See It To Believe It.
The jangliest of the offering, these above tracks take The Clean / The Chills jangle of early 90s Kiwiana and splice it with the flat stringed dulcet of fellow countrymen, The Bats. This is then augmented by a slacker-pop that everyone has tried, but only really the Americans and especially Californians really make believable. to make it an aesthetic that is very much ‘theirs’.
The slacker vibe becomes evern more prominent in On The Ocean, Row Back and Down, Down Down. All casual, almost resigned sentiment, caressed around gentile jangled riffs, the ‘like A dream half forgotten’ lyric in On The Ocean just seems to summate an atmosphere of goregous hazy sunshine.
Devote enough time to this and eventually it becomes perfection.






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