Album Review – It’s Here Where You Fall by The Wends (2022) ( We Were Never Being Boring Collective / Subjangle)


The Wends entered the collective consciousness of jangle-rock connosieurs in March 2021, when, under their previous name of Smile (now changed because some fella from Radiohead stole it for his new project) they released their much heralded The Name of This Band is Smile debut album on Subjangle.
This follow up, It’s Here Where You Fall album, sees the sound of the band develop in different directions that seem to suggest a new sense of maturity, or at the very least a deeper appreciation of what they are actually capable of.
Of course the intense, slighty frenetic, dark jangle rock of their debut is still present in the closing triple salvo of Best Behaviour, Excuses and Half Faith Half Struggle and justifies our faith in this act. However, there is just so much more to this album than ‘just’ the jangle rock of the debut.
Initially, actual unmitigated beauty is present, with What A Heart Is For being all  lucid, 60s inflected jange-pop, with it’s slighty more muscular version of the recent Marc Andersson sound.
Similarly, The Way We Die Tonight starts with precious melancholic intent and develops into a crescendo of emotion. If Radiohead had written this song the critics would be faling over themselves to proclaim it as the new Fake Plastic Trees, such is it’s The Bends style brilliance.
However, perhaps the best of the album is heard in Worthy of Nothing and World Of One. Here the Turin based foursome display a new magnificence within the realms of mid tempo that they had never realy explored for. All early era R.E.M (think the eary EPs with their plaintive post-punk edge) in aural texture, these tracks finally allow the truy stunning vocals of Michelle Sarda to breathe and take centre stage.
The worlds finest jangle-rockers have just got better…






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