JanglePopHubMix #0021 – (Editors Fickle Finger…September ’22 jangled)


Hi all…thanks for joining for JanglePopHubMix #0021 bringing you a 90 minute round up of the best of jangle-pop and ‘jangle-adjacent’ (thank you Mr Myles!) tracks from September 2022. We hope you find a new favourite of become re-acquainted with an old one.
The Mixcloud show is below or you can cherry pick from the individual links as well…Cheers Darrin

  1.  Burn The Louvre – Dumb (Self released)
  2.  Quivers –  I Just Wanted To See You So Bad (Lucinda Williams Cover) (Ba Da  Bing Records)
  3.  Eric Linden – Tripping All Over Myself (Self released) 
  4.  Low Key Crush – Bats Over The Easten Freeway (Self released) 
  5.  Heaven For Real – Do Your Worst (Mint Records)
  6.  Field School – I Just Want To Paint You In Pictures (Bobo Integral)
  7.  Jim Nothing – Already Gone (Melted Ice Cream)
  8.  Per Och OlofJag vill ge dig en kram (Rama Lama Records)
  9.  Screen PrintsFading Daylight (Fastcut Records)
  10.  Aluminum – Windowpane (Dandyboy Records)
  11.  Grade School – Grade School (Kingfisher Bluez)
  12.  Count Florida – Last Selfie (Self released)
  13.  Saltlick – Self-help Club (Self released)
  14.  The Vacant Shapes – Lovers Daze (Self released)
  15.  The Radio Field – Clover (Subjangle)
  16.  The PhotocopiesDon’t Call Him Your Boyfriend / Start Again (Self released)
  17.  The FoursLately (Self released)
  18.  Paul Cook & The ChroniclesLeave Love Behind (Self released)
  19.  The Umbrella PuzzlesGet What You Want (Subjangle)
  20.  Librarians With HickeysGhost Singer (Big Stir Records)
  21.  Affiliate Links – Conditions Apply (We Are Busy Bodies)
  22.  theCatherines – She’s My Light (Self released)
  23.  Ditch Bunnies – Rose (Self released)
  24.  Monkey In Yellow – All I Want To Do (Testcard Records)
  25.  The Crystal Furs – Rose-Colored Glasses (Reckless Yes) 
  26.  Midwestern Medicine – Disabled Step (Self released)
  27.  The Chesterfields – Postpone The Revolution (Mr Mellow’s Music)
  28.  The Sundries – Full of the Joys of Spring (Self released)
  29.  Old Moon – All It Takes (Relief Map Records)
  30.  Art.Dmg – Cultural Burn (Self released)
  31.  Fine – Nine Years (Self released)
  32.  The Boys With the Perpetual Nervousness – The Stars Go Round (Bobo Intergral)


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