Beat The Delete #0187 (weeky new music recommendations)


In the five years I have been doing this blog, this is the first time I have ever blogged Beat The Delete on a Wednesday. Weird Hey?
Now that you have recovered from the sheer shock and stunning interest of it all, I feel I shoud perhaps let you know that it is not because I dislike Wednesdays in anyway. I Re-iterate I am in no way Wednesday-ist.
In fact I was born on one, when I was a kid it used to be my Dad’s day off so it was fun day to look forward to, my favourite football team in the whole of Sheffield is Sheffield Wednesday and my favourite colour is green, which is the colour of Wednesday.
You see, I have not forsaken Wednesday previously for any devious reason in the past…in fact I only blogged it today because I forgot to do it yesterday, because quintessentialy I am a bit rubbish.
Anyway enjoy these 16 great tracks.

Vlado Nosal & The Avedons

Track: Cold Cigarette From:  Cold Cigarette (single)  Label: Bruurder Records Out: Now
Slovakian act, that marries the twee of Belle and Sebastian to the slight casio cool  of Au Revor Simone. One of those tracks that is just so very ‘moreish’.

Fascination Grand Chorus

Track: End Credits (The Rest Of Our Lives) From:  Terror in the Night (abum)  Label: Silent Stereo Records Out: Now
Organs, old school 60s girl pop and the most twee of Death By Chocolate sensibilities. This is the wonderfully cool sound of The Crystal Furs, travelling even further back into the deepest realms of retro.

Blackbirds FC

Track: Magiclands From:  Magiclands (album)  Label: Self released Out: Now
Oozing the Australiana of iconic acts such as The Go-Betweens and The Triffids, whilst augmenting the sound with their own sense of ‘classic rock appreciation and non-pretention’, this Melbourne based act look set to replace the city’s Dolewave scene with something more smooth, shimmering and totally delectable.

Cold Cold Nights

Track: 11 Rue de Médicis From:  11 Rue de Médicis (single)  Label: Self released Out: Now
Alec Oundsworth style indie chic vocal irregularity, married to the plaintive melancholy of the Liam Frost vibe, will have the indie hipsters climbing all over themselves to love this Czech foursome…and so they should!

Cowboy Dinosaur

Track: Making Friends From:  Making Friends (single)  Label: Self released Out: Now
This solo project of multi-instrumentalist Blake Hickey. Cowboy Dinosaur is the most sonically ‘massive’, bedroom project you are ever likely to hear. With a smooth soft and abrasive loud dynamic that drives beauty out of every musical orifice.


Track: Overboard From:  Overboard (single)  Label: Self released Out: Now
This Frank Marino-Moore solo project continues to release tracks of perfect dreamy, jangle-gaze meets surf-pop melodies and riffs, that guide the listener to gorgeous tranquility.

Verner Calvin

Track: Full Hearted From:  Grey Oranges (EP)  Label: Self released Out: Now
This Colorado / Taiwan based solo project offers a debut EP of fuzz assisted, chill bedroom-pop with an emotionality that is aided by perfect under-production.

Dream Parade

Track: Fckpshow From:  Fckpshow (album)  Label: Self released Out: Album out 04.11.22
Lifted directy from their Spotify bio as it describes their sound:
“Since their spontaneous formation, the band’s music has evolved into a velvety psychedelic-pop, twined in ethereal guitar riffs and elevated by dreamy bass lines. The throaty lyrics evoke the darkness of lakeside summer nights, the complexities of relationships, and explore the delicate tension between hope and despair”.


Track: Tragic From:  Iceblynk (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
If Kate Bush adopted Bjork vocals and could not decide upon ethereal dream-pop or shoegaze, the beauty of this Queens, New York threesome is the sound that might emerge out of the glorious indecision.

Räre Birds

Track: Big Red Sun From:  Big Red Sun (single) Label: Something Beautiful Recordings Out: Now
Juxtaposing the sumptuous, jangly classic rock beauty of the recent Low key Crush releases, with the hazy introspection of Tom Petty, this Stockholm based act are the latest Scandinavians to imbue the genre with an extra sense of stunning.


Track: Long Long Summer (As The World Burns I Play My Guitar) From: 
Long Long Summer (As The World Burns I Play My Guitar) (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Fuzzy jangly lo-fi meets Julian Casablancas in a mixture of aural textures that has always had the ability to compel, from Los Angeles based Londoner, Daniel James Smith.


Track: If You Could From: Empty Crush (abum) Label: Shelfife Records Out: Now
This second single from the forthcoming Empty Crush album, is a subtle shoegaze that allows just the right level of jangled riffs and hidden memories to shimmer through the haze. Another winner from the Sheflife Records label.

Scott Evil

Track: Quaranteens From: Quaranteens (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Cologne based quintet are another act who infuse subtle riffs and melodies into their shoegaze. In comparison to Velveteen (above) they tread more forcefully through the aesthetic, however overall swirling beauty is still amassed with vigour.

Matt Hibbard

Track: Let’s Get Out of Texas From: Vol. 1 (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
If The Beatles were American and immersed themselves in a world of blue collar Americana, whilst retaining their inimitable feel for pop melodies, then Matt Hibbard would be the Paul McCartney figure.

Chris Pellnat

Track: Earth Shaker From: Go (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Unmistakeably Byrdsian in its lucid jangle, this solo project of The Warp/The Weft guitarist, wears the jangliest of hearts on an impossibly jangly sleeve.

Pablo Moondog

Track: Nowhere to Go (Nowhere to Be) From: Nowhere to Go (Nowhere to Be) (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Strawberry Fields style washed out psyche-pop, augmented by a total lack of everyday rush, jangled riffs and the slightest of slacker-pop persuasions. A track to accompany any moment of sunshine.



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