Album Review – Terror In The Night by Fascinations Grand Chorus (2022) (Silent Stereo Records)


Goths everywhere could be forgiven for tripping over the hems of the Victorian prostitute costumes in their rush to download an album that promises to satiate their passion for death and gore, with track titles such as Camp Blood, Prophet of Doom, and Tear Out My Heart.
However, the Fascinations Grand Chorus duo of Stephanie Cupo and Andrew Pierce shows in this three-act play (Act 1 released in November 2020 and Act 3 released in August 2021) that they are anything but ‘merchants of gloom’ and everything that is so perfectly modern day indie-pop.
Terror in the Nights‘ most driven tracks, such as Camp Blood, Rest of Our Lives (Prelude), Better of Alone, and Tear Out My Heart, take us to various outposts of the cooler parts of the indie-pop spectrum, from The Shop Assistants‘ whirring fuzz to The Crystal Furs‘ retro production and purring yesteryear organ.
Tracks such as On A Summer Holiday, Sunny Day (A Tale of Heartbreak), Prophet of Doom, and Camp Blood (Reprise) reduce the tempo and intensity, allowing the sound to wander gracefully into the realms of melodic, jangly 60s girl pop, augmented by a 90s twee-pop essence reminiscent of acts such as Holiday, Death By Chocolate, and Cub.
One of those albums that is just so very ‘moreish’ from the moment you finish your first listen, Fascinations Grand Chorus continues to make glossy daintiness an art form.






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