Album Review – Pray 4 Tomorrow by Dumb (Mint Records)


If you are of the view that the only sound that can be considered “jangle-pop” emanates from the 1960s and is basically The Byrds with a bit of The Beatles thrown in for convenience, then please do yourself a favour and invest your interest in something else.
For the Vancouver foursome of Dumb build up the gloriously shambolic potential of their 2019 Club Nites release, to ram home the possibility that they are the current erstwhile kings of the jangle-punk / ‘jangle adjacent’ scene, with a Pray 4 Tomorrow album that oozes unsetting freneticism and originality.
At its most obtuse the modern day Indie post-punk aesthetic of acts such as Work Wear or The Wife Guys of Reddit, course through the stuttering judder, sparse isolated riffs and shambolic song structures of Foot Control, Gibberish and 77, to satisfy those with even the most weird of alternative jangle pecaddilos.
The tempo and general intensity increase beyond measure in the mid-to-late five-track run of Watch This Drive, Out of Touch, Fuly Compromised, Pensar, and Desolation. Here the band seem to reward themselves for the “restraint” of all that has gone before and let loose with jangle punk that takes a Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms core and simply detonates it into perfectly manic dynamism.
However, the very best of the album benefits from reduced intensity and more traditional song structures and shows that Dumb can “mix it with the normals” as well.
Here, Pull Me Up, 30 Degrees, Civic Duty, and The Entertainer best represent a group of tracks that splice their aesthetic with dulcet, flat-stringed, Pavement style riffs and slacker energy.
Dumb are a superlative mix of controlled mental and faux jangled riffs and should be in every jangle-punk fans collection.






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