EP Review – The Very Most Starry Eyed Cadet by The Very Most Starry Eyed Cadet (Recorded Psychic Readings / Sunday Records)


A simple concept. Two acts come together, applying their glorious jangly indie-pop pedigree to each other’s songs and writing another in honour of each other.
The Very Most’s Starry Eyed Cadet track kicks off the EP, bouncing along with a Philip Sutton / Cinema Red and Blue pop cutesy that sidles in ever increasing circles gently towards Fascination Grand Chorus style layers of twee-pop that enchant with its simplistic yet meticulous attention to pop-tune.
The other The Very Most track, Sugar Pills, transitions into sweet, lucid, Royal Landscaping Society-style indie pop and enchants from both a languid majesty and jangled riffs standpoint.
It’s a sound that avoids the late 1980s/early 1990s anglo indie-pop territory frequented by many of today’s acts, instead excelling in the realms of the best jangly indie-pop modernity.
Starry Eyed Cadet enter the fray with The Very Most, a track that courses Sally Jati’s “made for indie” vocals through an incessant dream-like fuzz that stops short of any possible comparison to shoegaze via a sheer melodic sweetness that is accentuated, refined, and augmented in the closing Sod Off, which is this act at their driven, dreamy guitar-pop best.
A superb concept from two modern day jangle-pop stalwarts. Grab a copy on CD here or on 7″ vinyl here.



The Very MostInstagram / Facebook / Twitter
Starry Eyed CadetInstagram / Facebook / Twitter



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