EP Review – Passing Tide by Senica (2022) (Melted Ice Cream)


An increasing number of acts are traipsing back through the decades on their respective musical journeys and appear to have arrived in the mid-80s before post-punk finally metamorphosed into jangle-pop.
I hereby proclaim the jangly post-punk revival as a ‘definitive thing’ with the recent emergence of acts such as Windowpane, Dry Cleaning, Blanco Tranco, Primo!, The Wife Guys of Reddit etc and the Christchurch, New Zealand-based quartet of Senica, the erstwhile potential leader of the movement.
While all of the acts mentioned above have that indefinable sense of cool that all of the best post-punk bands have or had, Senica just seem to come at you from a different angle.
As such, Tychos and Wide Awake assume the natural dulcet jangle of their Kiwi homeland and acts like Straitjacket Fits and The Bats and juxtapose it with fractious Lewsberg-style, perfectly unstructured riffs and the darker art-pop persuasions of recent acts such as Cola and the Polaroids.
Other jangly post-punk outposts of yesteryear are visited in Now Crystalline, Tiskeles, and Under Their Feet. Here the jangly psychedelic sonic textures ooze from retro underproduction, and the ever-present sense of dank is reminiscent of the early Primal Scream aesthetic. Beautifully subdued and introspective, these tracks represent Senica at their absolute finest.
Foregoing all social media presence in favour of just letting the quality of their music be their voice, Senica could well be the future sound of a brilliant past.


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