EP Review – Melt The Wax by Subsonic Records (2022) (Topshelf Records)


Singaporean quintet, Subsonic Eye, finally received the critical acclaim they so richly deserved when the success of their superlative third album, “Nature of Things” (released January 2021 on the South East Asian Fastcut Records and Middle Class Cigars labels), saw them get whisked away to perform in the Phillipines, Japan, and tour the U.S., as well as get signed to the highly respected Topshelf Records label (also home to their Sobs countrymen), whose big beating indie heart never looks like missing a beat in Portland, Oregon.
Finally back after a near two year hiatus, they have stepped off the whirlwind and recorded this three-track Melt The Wax EP that is reportedly a forerunner to a new album that is currently in the process of being recorded.
The opening doube salvo of Please Remember and Aquarius is a frenetic marriage of Southeast Asian vocal sweetness and noise-pop that knocks on the doors of both indie-pop and indie rock in the same way that the Ovlov aesthetic does.
They both are the sort of tracks that reveal unheard nuances with every subsequent listen that may have been missed among the beautifully cultured mayhem. This is Subsonic Eye as we remember them, and the very reason we pressed all those follow buttons after their Strawberry Feels debut in 2017.
The final Hurt Your Head track reveals a much more stripped back affair that seems to deliberate over every note within production and offer surf-laden jangle-pop that is reminiscent of the South Korean jangle-pop legends Say Sue Me, whom they supported during their whirlwind of critical acclaim.
Still a wonderful act in every way, this EP simultaneously reminds us what we have been missing and re-ignites our lust for more music from Singapore’s finest.






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