Album Review – Love Interest by Model Shop (2022) (Meritorio Records)


As my age increases, my testosterone decreases, and my attitude towards life becomes decidedly more melodic and mellow, it has become freed from any need to be trendy whatsoever. I appear to be becoming increasingly at ease with music that appears to be made for the sake of “soft classic indie beauty.” As such, recent releases by acts such as Mt. Misery, Massage, and S.F. Johnson have been receiving excessive mouse attention.
The impetus for Model Shop comes from ex-Math and Physics Club alumni Kevin Emerson and Ethan Jones, and tracks such as “Lucky,” “I Was Told This Would Be Easy,” and “The Greatest Only” will appease fans of their previous band with their perfectly languid and melodic guitar-pop and fill the upper reaches of the more astute playlists in the social media world.
However, they depart, nay, sidle, from such melodic perfection (depart feels too harsh for such a seamless transition) into the Scouse-pop sophisti-pop vibe of the Pale Fountains of yesteryear or the cultured indie-pop of the recent Armstrong releases in the absolute smoothness of “A Simpler Life” and “A Quieter Emotion”.
A further serendipitous smooch sees them move towards the most jangly sound of “Love Interest,” as in “Letters to Melissa,” “Compilation Tape,” and “Millionaires,” which grabs the coattails of the early The Orchards aesthetic with the dulcet, chiming, isolated riffs, and faux intensity.
Not a moment of disappointment on the entire album from the latest Meritorio Records find.







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