JanglePopHubMix #0022 – (Editors Fickle Finger…October ’22 jangled)

Thank you for joining for a trawl through our favourite tracks that were released in October 2022. We hope you find some new favourites or become re-acquainted with some old ones.
Those of you with the keen eye of highly effective detectives may notice the change in font from track 9 onwards. Of course this is entirely deliberate and not because I cannot work out why WordPress is not letting me change the font in any way! …for those who share my OCD tendencies, I genuinely apologize !
A Mixcloud version of the entire playlist is below or feel free to cherry pick from the links, also below.

  1.   The Very MostSugar Pills (Sunday Records)
  2.   TH Da FreakCome Rescue Me In The Forest (Flippin’ Freaks / Howlin’ Banana Records)
  3.   EggSHow It Was Before (Howlin’ Banana Records)
  4.   Convinced Friend  – White Collar (Relief Map Records)
  5.   Sakkaris Strange (BIRTHYDIY)
  6.   Plumface Cemetery (Self released)
  7.   Imaginary Best Friend Braces (demo) (Friend’s House Records)
  8.   DeathsportTaxes (Self released)
  9.    Air DeviAshrita (Devil Town Tapes)
  10.    The AspersionsBeautiful (Jigsaw Records)
  11.    Blues LawyerI Don’t Mind (Self released)
  12.   Petite League – METS (Self released) 
  13.   Submotile – Hit This Summer (Shelflife Records)
  14.   Overly Polite Tornadoes – Porch Light (Memory of Music)
  15.   The 1981 – Easy (It’s Not) (Dandy Boy Records)
  16.   Bathrobe – Dream Reference (BIRTHDIY)
  17.   Field School – Loving Me Was Never Gonna Work Out (Bobo Integral / Small Craft Advisory)
  18.  Field School – Don’t Let This Moment Pass You By (Bobo Integral / Small Craft Advisory)
  19.  The Reds, Pinks &  Purples – In My Poems and Pictures (Slumberland Records)
  20.  The WendsWhat A Heart Is For (WWNBB / Subjangle)
  21.  Midden HeapWorth fame Pop Band (​The Sensitive cover) (Shiny Happy Records)
  22.  The Smashing TimesMother Nature Is Son (Meritorio Records)
  23.  Phil & The TilesTrepanation (Meritorio Records)
  24.  Cozy SlippersBe Alone With Me (Subjangle)
  25.  The Monochrome SetWhite Lightning (Tapete Records)
  26.  Robert ForsterI’m So Happy For You (Tapete Records)
  27.  TrawlersDrunken Romantic (Self Released) 
  28.  KroppBlå (Apollon Records) 
  29.  The Gaby’sI Don’t Mind (Fruits and Flowers) 
  30.  Maripool – This Time Again (Self released)


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