Beat The Delete #0195 (weekly new music recommendations)


Although longer format releases are few and far between in January 2023 (who can blame the acts and labels for not releasing in a month when money is scarce and everyone is praying that payday is not so far away!), the singles introducing pre-orders are now flying through.
As such enjoy this bumper 20 track edition of Beat The Delete #0195. We hope you find some new favourites or become re-acquainted with some old ones.

The NoMen

Track: We Love Indie From: C23 (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
For fans of C86, this fizzed-drenched modern classic is reminiscent of the recent The Photocopies and is an absolute “indie earworm” from Kilmarnock’s finest!

The Chantepleures

Track: All Our Days (Firefly Mix) From: All Our Days (Firefly Mix)  (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This new version of their 2012 fan favourite removes much of the previous dank post-punk inflections and replaces it with a sumptuous, jangly, cinematic dream-pop that is filtered through a The Stone Roses-style isolated production. It was not going to be easy to make this track better, but they have achieved it!

The Day

Track: Time and Space From: Time and Space (single) Label: Spirit Goth Out: Now
I cannot beat the perfection of the Bandcamp definition of their sound, so forgive the plagiarism: “The Day work on formulating their own version of withdrawn, melancholy pop music. The Day is intimate without being intruding and speaks with an inner calmness”.

Lachlan Denton

Track: Lose From: Furnishings (album) Label: Bobo Integral Out: 14 April 2023
This first single from the jangle-pop legend that is Lachlan Denton (Ocean Party, Ciggie Witch) and his Furnishings album, which is out on April 14, 2023, hints at huge potential for the full-length release.

Orchid Mantis, Surf Goth

Track: Time and Space From: Time and Space (single) Label: Spirit Goth Out: Now
The only thing better than the sparkling jangle-gaze of both these acts is a collaboration between the two. A truly beautiful track.

Major Murphy

Track: Young Love From: Young Love (single) Label: Winspear Out: Now
This Grand Rapids, Michigan-based trio provides sun-dappled The Magic Numbers-style 70s and 80s melodic pop that simply oozes California.

Raul Gonzalez Jr

Track: Seasons From: Wanderer (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
The Lemonheads’ style of jangly slacker-pop is augmented with Mo Troper’s power-pop fuzz. Check out the entire album for your fuzzy fix.

The Shapiros

Track: Paris Kiss From: Gone By Fall: The Collected Works of The Shapiros (album) Label: World of Echo Out: 03 March 2023
Lifted directly from the Bandcamp release bio…pick the quality out of this little lot !!!…The Collected Works of The Shapiros, a 12-song compilation by a here today, gone tomorrow pop group formed by Pam Berry (Black Tambourine, The Pines, Glo-worm, Castaway Stones, Belmondo, etc.) and Bart Cummings (The Cat’s Miaow, Hydroplane, Bart & Friends, etc.).

Swiss Banks

Track: Make It Work From: Make It Work (EP) Label: Self released Out: 
For those that like their Post-Punk jangly this Austin, Texas baed trio offer the perfect marriage of The Smiths and Editors. 

Silver Biplanes

Track: Searching For Your Name From: Searching For Your Name (single) Label: WIAIWIYA Out: Now
This third and final title track single drifts this ever eclectic act into jangly guitar-pop climes that are as fragile as they are beautiful.


Track: Cuchillos From: Cuchillos (single) Label: Elefant Records Out: Now
Bubblegum pop juxtaposed with typically fey The Hinds style Spanish garage-pop. One of those tracks that the mouse simply gravitates to, seemingly on it’s own accord!

Color Palette

Track: Dreams From: Dreams (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Washington, DC, project led by Jan Nemeyer adds a “pretty” to the Slowdive aesthetic by combining The Gabys’ indie-pop meets shoegaze vibe with a sprightly Bobsled Team dreamy sweetness. 

Arbor Labor Union

Track: Hovering Stonre From: Yonder (album) Label: Sophomore Lounge Out: Now
Americana, jangle, psyche pop and Minutemen twang laden brevity, all come together on this irresistible track / album. 

The Moonjacks

Track: Lemonade From: Lemonade (single) Label: Pacific Records Out: Now
A sun drenched melody swathed in the best of slacker and surf rock. This Californian threesome have developed a glorious habit of producing absolute earworms.

Hollow Hand

Track: All My Love From: Your Own Adventure (album) Label: Curation Records Out: 
This Max Kinghorn-Mills-led project is a considered sound for those who don’t need cool and gimmicks in their music, with jangly psyche-pop that flirts with the Bon Iver essence of finely coiffured indie-folk. 

Voluptuous Panic

Track: All That Heaven Allows (Instrumental) From: Dreaming of a Free Press (Original Soundtrack) (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Gretchen DeVault and Brian J. Bowe’s shoegaze/dreampop duo Voluptuous Panic offers The Churchill Garden-style lucid jangle-pop augmented with a subtle sense of beautiful dreamy chillwave. 

Black Treacle

Track: Tidal Wave From: Low Hum (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Taking the jangly post-punk of The Chameleons and augmenting it with their own special sense of dreamy goth, this British Columbia-based act creates beauty out of dark melancholy.

Shirley & the Pyramids

Track: Tidal Wave From: Low Hum (album) Label: Fuzzed Up Astromoon Records / Grey Records Out: Now
This Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based act never ceases to imbue their sound with airy beauty, adding dreamy, psychedelic-inflected jangling melodies to a subtle sense of The Wake style post-punk and fragile Slowdive style gaze. 


Track: Don’t Mind From: Imitation Life (album) Label: Fort Lowell Records Out: Now
Taking Real Estate’s lucid, crystalline, jangly riffs and adding just a hint of post-punk production dulcet, this Wilmington, North Carolina, band may just be an early entry into the “best ofs” for 2023. 

Abby Bland

Track: Don’t Mind From: Don’t Mind (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
I imagine this lo-fi rock chanteuse sitting in her bedroom, immersing herself in Nico and The Velvet Underground, before grabbing her guitar and home production kit to produce this gloriously original aesthetic.


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