Beat The Delete #0198 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining us for Beat The Delete #0198…can you believe it #0198. Soon we will be at 200 where the plan is not to give away any freebies like T-shirts, mugs, guitar picks etc with JanglePopHub on them because essentially we are too tight.
…I bet you can’t wait?!
What we can give you is 18 recently released tracks of uppermost brilliance, so we are not all bad.


Track: Hold It Against You From: Hold It Against You (Single) Label: BIRTHDiY Out: Now
Home recorded indie rock / surf rock that hits every chord with passion. Sakkaris are twin brothers Alex and Kevin Liu and they offer jangle-rock energy in the best of Dehd / Together Pangea traditions.

Strange Magic

Track: Hold on to the Dreamer, Dreamer From: Toro at the Gong Show (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Dinosaur Jr, Cowboy Dinosaur and Mo Troper…welcome a new friend to dine at the table of fuzzy power-pop greats with this solo recording project of New Mexico based Javier Romero.


Track: Stay Up For Me From: Jumbo Pets (album) Label: Coolin’ By Sound Out: Album out 31.02.23
‘Stay Up For Me’ is a lush sixties-inflected bop with glorious harmonies: a sparkling jewel of a pop song with a yearning tone and a call and response vibrancy. It veers ever so slightly away from a shoegaze wall of noise and yet has a powerful drive and sky high melodies with a bubblegum pop delivery…read the full review at Backseat Mafia

The Loud Bangs

Track: This Is A Japanese Robot From: Stray Honey (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
The intention of the track is to channel Manchester in th’90s, and is a celebration of the Haçienda scene. That means it’s a bit of a departure from previous EPs but it’s still unmistakably The Loud Bangs, with hypnotic electronic rock instrumentals and barely there vocals…see full review at York Calling

Blue Painted Flag

Track: Daisy and Dandelions From: Daisy and Dandelions (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
It’s very easy to listen to, absolutely perfect to wind down the week, and I really like the relaxing and folky electric guitar sound. Make sure to give it a shot and check out Blue Painted Flag’s Spotify for more…see full review at Indie Tapes

Cinema Lumiere

Track: Sunday From: Sunday (album) Label: Catshelf Records Out: 09 March 2023
After over two years without any releases it is wonderful to have the first new music from the Phillipines most jangly dream-popper, Cinema Lumiere. Hopefully this might signal a debut album is on the way?


Track: Running Your Mouth From: State Of Your Life (album) Label: Self released Out: 09 March 2023
Fans of the jangly dream-pop meets gaze aesthetic of Lunar Isles, Community Swimming Pool and Ghost Mail may well have found their latest Surf Rock drizzled darling !!!

Swimming Pools And Movie Stars

Track: Distant Sky From: Distant Sky (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Distant Sky is the first track (single?) to be taken from Swimming Pools & Movie Stars forthcoming, and as yet untitled, sophomore album. It features shimmering and dreamy guitars with the hushed and sometimes barely audible vocals floating alongside them, high up in the clouds…Records I Like


Track: Mission Sent From: Single (EP) Label: Maladaptive Records Out: Now
Hypnotic, isolated, dulcet, subdued and any other words that describe the brilliance of this downplayed, lo-fi post-punk and its slight psyche-laden flourishes. New Jersey’s Brian DeSousa can always be relied upon for ‘difference’.

The Courts

Track: Halfway Crooks From: Crumble (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Us at Pursuit of Dopeness first became aware of The Courts when they opened up for Joyfriend last October at Sleeping Village. We were immediately enamored by their abrasive energy and comfortability on stage since the newest iteration of the band was still relatively new…see full review at Pursuit of Dopeness

Letting Up Despite Great 

Track: Halfway Crooks From: Crumble (EP) Label: Self released Out: 04 April 2023
The focus is Annah Fisette’s vocal performance which stands out among an intricate sound made from smooth guitars and the bands trademark fuzzy and melodic songwriting. Written by Mike Lee, the song is the closing track of Crumble EPDarken In Heart.

Captain Starlet 

Track: Family Tree From: Family Tree / Love Is A Petal (single) Label: Safe Suburban Home Records Out: 03 March 2023
Drawing on a range of influences from the power pop of the early 1970s and the DIY approach of Postcard Records groups such as Josef K, to contemporaries such as Tim Presley and H. Hawkline, the band haul the past into the future…Bandcamp Bio

Brian Michael Henry

Track: Clone You From: Clone You (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
60s crooning pop sensibilities with the slightest hint of darkness and 80s distortion, makes this a sound vibrant with suavely melodic retro.


Track: Zoe From: A Spoonful (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
UTOM8theSKY’s has been compared to a wide array of iconic artists such as The Shins, Wilco, Roxy music, Franz Ferdinand, Jeff Lynne, The Cars and David BowieSpotify bio

Tearing Up

Track: Said Something From: Heavy (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Said Graham Caldwell (Tearing Up is his Solo project) of the track:
“Losing someone is particularly strange because, in life, we get used to things being temporary. We know we can never step in the same river twice, but this is assuming there will always be a river. When the river runs dry, it’s quite a shock, and given how often we were used to stepping in it, we find ourselves asking: where the fuck is my river?
Sometimes, these things happen because of an unknowable number of circumstances: Anyone who’s ever been in a car accident will know about having the thought of “if I had just left home 3 seconds later…” or “if that woman driving had checked her blindspot…” or “if that guy in the truck had pulled over sooner”. Sometimes things happen and the reasons are too complicated for any one of them to be the sole reason for the thing that happened”…Spill Magazine

The Hepburns

Track: On the Parcels From: Only The Hours (album) Label: Lavender Sweep Records Out: Now
On The Parcels is the first single to be taken from Llanelli based The Hepburns forthcoming album Only The Hours. It’s a catchy indiepop song resplendent with a political swipe about making ends meet. The band describe it as a “sophisticated working class rant” and I must get my postie to give it a listen. I am sure he will agree with the words!…see full review at Records I Like

Mister Data

Track: Bad Actors From: Bad Actors (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
XTC and The Dukes of Stratosphear-style lyrical wordplay is married to the smooth 80s and 90s jangly indie-pop strains of the Phil Sutton or latter-era Lloyd Cole acts. A wonderful debut full of potential from this Houston quintet.


Track: Black Sunshine From: Black Sunshine / New Field (single) Label: Too Good To Be True Records Out: Now
French jangle /dream pop /indie pop solo project Cascabel “Black Sunshine” from ltd 7″ vinyl single “Black Sunshine / New Field” third installment of Too Good To Be True label‘s Singles Club…White Light / White Heat

Matthew Ross

Track: I Watch the Trains Go By From: A New Moon in a Dew Pond (single) Label: Woodlark Recordings Out: Album 22 February 2023
A song cycle inspired by nature and the landscapes of the British Isles, it’s designed to take the listener on a trip through the seasons; from shingle beaches to bee-loud glades, lambent autumn days and windswept moorland edges…see full Bandcamp release bio here



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