Beat The Delete #0199 (weekly new music recommendations)

I vividly remember a lad at school who used to keep a scrapbook of “big things.” It was called “Trev’s big things,” for his name was Trevor, and the scrapbook contained pictures of big things such as a huge blue whale, the tallest building in the world, Mount Everest, very fat celebrities, elephants, and great big snakes swallowing whole deer.
Trevor would love this edition of Beat The Delete #0199 as it is a hefty 22 tracks in total….I hope you do too.


Track: Smoke  From: Smoke / Somebody Else (Single) Label: Poison Moon Records Out: Now
“Smoke” feels like a combination of all the best 90s indie rock elements, packing a bit of a power pop and jangle pop sound with a more loose slacker indie anthem quality to it – all with some awesome saxophone to boot…read full review at We All Want Someone to Shout For

The Sprouts

Track: I Hear Music  From: Eat Your Greens (album) Label: Tenth Court Out: Album out 24 March 2023
The first single from their upcoming Tenth Court debut, “I Hear Music,” rambles and ripples, stacked with shoulder-to-shoulder harmonies before a bit of guitar blister burns the whole thing down…Read the full review at Raven Sings The Blues.

Friendly Antenna

Track: My Kind of Swan  From: My Kind of Swan (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Superbly spurious Television Personalities style jangly indie-pop coursed with neo-psyche, from a Stockholm based duo consisting of Jonas Lundqvist (music and words) with C. Nevil Boussmayeff (drums).

High Sunn

Track: Heavenly Petticoat  From: Heavenly Petticoat (Single) Label: Spirit Goth Records Out: Now
High Sunn is the solo recording project of San Francisco’s Justin Cheromiah who has been imparting upon superb jangly surf-gaze from his bedroom since he was 14. This latest single could well be the best so far?


Track: I Love You  From: Human Teeth Parade (EP) Label: Self released Out: 14 March 2023
Beat Happening fuzz fused with the stranger end of late 1980s anglophile jangly indie-pop and a The Smashing Times sense of the obscure. The Bandcamp bio cites that this is not indicative of where the New Jersey based act is generally going and that is a shame for alternative jangle fans.

Conflict at Serenity Pools

Track: Golden View  From: Golden View (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
There’s something in the construction that reminds me of a mixture Radio Dept, albeit spun through a sort of heavier guitar sound; the construction and textural layering is really similar, but you’ll love how the guitars get ramped up here and drive right through your speakers with a solid punch…see full review at Austin Town Hall.

Warm Coat

Track: I Hear The Music (single) From: I Hear The Music (single) Label: Milestone Records  Out: Out now
Alternative, lo-fi, shoegazing, jangly, sometimes synth, indie pair from South Wales, UK…Spotify bio

Weird Numbers

Track: Weird Numbers  From: Weird Numbers (album) Label: Dandyboy Records Out: EP out 03.03.23
Juxtaposing motorik riffs, modern power-pop, post-punk, and an endearing semi-croon, this track and the forthcoming album it is fromm promises that hard-to-find commodity of something as brilliant as it is truly original.


Track: Setting Sun  From: Setting Sun (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
“Setting Sun” by FNTN is a nostalgic and introspective journey through the sounds of classic rock and indie. The band’s ability to blend elements of different decades is crazy! As they said, it’s a mix of 60s pop, 70s rock, 80s indie, and 90s shoegaze…see full review at Indie Music Center

Ghosts on TV

Track: Sunshine  From: Ghosts on TV (album) Label: Soliti Recordings Out: Album Out 14 April 2023
On April 14th, 2023, Soliti Recordings will release the self-titled sophomore album by the Finnish post rock band Ghosts on TV. Sunshine, the album’s opening track, is a spatial, lovely, and noisy rock song that demonstrates how well Ghosts on TV utilize shoegaze sounds…see full review at Darkenin Heart

Low Tide Levee

Track: Dang Diggy  From: Dang Diggy  Label: Self released Out: Now
Their new single, “Dang Diggy,” is a whimsical 1960s garage-rock single with an ABBA meets The Beatles sound that came to Amy during one of her creative sessions at a local tea she frequented. The lyrics came to her quite quickly, but she never expected the band to love it. The song boasts a sing-a-long refrain and oozes mystical overtones…read full review at Modern Mystery Blog

Hayes Noble

Track: Forget It  From: Head Cleaner (EP)  Label: 221 Press Out: Now
This coming-of-age noise rocker is blazing a new trail in a town with no scene, coming from small town middle America. Hayes worked with Daytrotter co-founder Pat Stolley to record and mix the track and upcoming album on 2″ tape.
The track drips with analog sounds that add to the earnest feeling of the youth finding catharsis in guitars, pedals, and loud amplifiers. Fans of Dinosaur Jr., Built to Spill, Sonic Youth, and Cloud Nothings will find a lot to love about this track…Read full review at Buffablog.

The Angles

Track: All Your Life  From: The Angles (album)  Label: Baby Blue Out: Album out 03 March 2023
With a few weeks until the release of The Angles self-titled debut, I couldn’t help but post this latest single, as it has the ability to really sneak under your skin. There was something in it that felt super nostalgic, like hints of Television, particularly in some of the vocal notes…see full review at Austin Town Hall.


Track: When You Call Me  From: When You Call Me (single)  Label: Self released Out: Now
Juxtaposing modern guitar pop with the smooth, luscious sophistication of the mid-80s new wave acts, this Brooklyn, NY-based quartet has its feet in both modernity and retro in equal measures.

Mister Data

Track: Life Ordinary  From: Life Ordinary (single)  Label: Self released Out: Now
Rapidly become a friend of Beat The Delete, Life Ordinary by Houston Texas quintet, Mister Data, is the the jangliest XTC track that the 80s British popsters never got around to writing !

Taleen Kali

Track: Crusher  From: Flower of Life (album)  Label: Dum Dum Records Out: Album out 03.03.23
Taleen Kali describes the song in detail: “Crusher is our ultimate shoegaze jangle pop C86 love song. You ever crush so hard you’ve been brought to your knees? This song is about all those impossible feelings, taking inspiration from some of the greats: Chapterhouse, Lush, Ride, and Curve. This song has always been our band favorite and it features a guitar solo from Jeff Schroeder of Smashing Pumpkins so we’ve been saving the best for last…”…Read full review at Destroy//Exist


Track: Four Reasons of the Seasons  From: Four Reasons of the Season (single)  Label: Self released Out: Now
“With few style combined into this song, creating very authentic feeling, it will definitely stay in your ears for a long time. Vocals are interesting, each one feels different and at the same time part of the song synergy”…


Track: High Sierra Lows  From: High Sierra Lows (single)  Label: Self released Out: Now
The music of this impossible-to-Google band bursts out of the seams between the lowest of lo-fi retro production, psyche rock, and the sort of indie-folk that men with long hair enjoy releasing. Perfect hazy sunshine for those lazy moments.

The Moonjacks

Track: Cruisin’ From: Cruisin’  (single)  Label: Pacific Records Out: Now
After the holidays end, the remaining winter season can feel rather bleak. The Moon Jacks’s latest single, “Cruisin’,” offers a form of respite from the cold weather with its upbeat, summery vibes.
Fans of bands such as Surf Curse (“Freaks”) and The Growlers (“Dream World”) will enjoy this fun track that’s perfect for relaxing on the beach or listening to while on a road trip along the coast (or at least imagine you are on a road trip driving up and down the coast). ..see full review at Glasse Factory.

Coral Grief

Track: Wow Signal From: Daydrops (EP)  Label: Self released Out: Now
“Wow Signal” opts for more of a hypnotic aura and a solar flare propulsion. The band keep the pulse flowing in constant motion, digging in with layered guitars and a kaleidoscopic psych framework, floral and breezy, but intricately developed.
From humble jangle to warped Stereolab-esque worship, the song evolves from it’s dreamy pop beginnings into a cosmic wall of sound, bent guitars and drum fills in shimmering harmony…See full review at Post Trash.


Track: A Trumpet on The Hillside From: Why Not Now (album)  Label: Tough Love Out: Album out 01 April 2023
For all the bands that the masses adore, it makes zero sense to me that Cindy isn’t up there in that upper echelon of indie rock. Perhaps they’re too careful or too quiet, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to continue to immerse myself in everything they do musically.
The video below accompanies the news that the band will release Why Not Now on April 14th, which will likely continue to spin at my house throughout the entirety of the year…Read the full review at Austin Town Hall


Track: Fatwood From: Fatwood (single)  Label: Self released Out: Now
Listen to the curious “Fatwood” by T.G. Shand, the shoegazey dream-pop project by Annemarie Duff from Ōtautahi Christchurch / New Zealand, at a comfortable sort of chill volume and you might find yourself swaying to the dense shifting, wonky sounds that vacillate between art punk heaviness and illusory shoegaze indie tones and as you sway you might find yourself picking at the sideways poetry…Read full review at American Pancake.

Eggs on Mars

Track: Wrong Way From: Warm Breakfast (album)  Label: Self released Out: Album out 21.03.23
Their first music in 18 months sees the Kansas City quartet move steadfastly towards a definitive psyche-rock oriented essence, whilst still retaining their glorious omnipresent jangle-pop subtext. Always a favourite at JanglePopHub towers !



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