Beat The Delete #0200 (weekly new music recommendations)


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23 tracks / acts below. We hope you find a new favourite or become re-acquainted with an old one.

Burning Ferns

Track: The Town Crier  From: Nothing To Hide / The Town Crier (single) Label: Country Mile Records Out: Now
The finest jangly guitar-pop act that Wales has ever produced is back with two beautiful tracks on a lathe-cut vinyl 7″ single that sold out in nanoseconds. Digital is still available, and it is all manner of wonderful.

Chime School

Track: Coming To Your Town  From: Coming To Your Town (single) Label: Slumberland Records / Fastcut Records / Meritorio Records Out: Two track single out 07 April 2023
“Coming To Your Town” continues to make the case for Chime School’s enduring charms. The song’s a timeless jangler, bright and warm as a Spring day, despite its lyrical lean towards exploring the more sinister strains of our Western culture…read full review at Raven Sings The Blues here

Slow Coda

Track: Mall Walker  From: Mall Walker (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Slow Coda is an alternative rock duo based out of Los Angeles consisting of Tavis Balkin and Nicholas Morford. Formed in 2012, after meeting at college in Chicago and relocating to California, the duo set out to combine the heaviness of shoegaze and grunge with the lightness of jangle pop, dreampop, and new wave”…see full review at Rock The Pidgeon here


Track: El Dinosaurio  From: El Dinosaurio (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Debut single from a Spanish act that marries suave crooning sophistication to the twinkling, bubblegum melodies that are so typical of the Spanish indie-pop scenes of Madrid, Barcelona, etc.

Sam Wrangle

Track: Dress to Impress  From: Smokey Shady (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
“Dress to Impress” takes society’s obsession with looks and beauty and puts them on a bed of shimmering guitars and alluring synths”…read the full review at Glamglare here.

The Holy Drinkers

Track: In the Factory  From: In the Factory (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Jangly psyche-rock juxtaposed with blues rock tinges and dank Clinic / The Zutons style voodoo-rock vibes coming from an Edinburgh outfit whose initial two singles simply ooze potential.

End Scene

Track: New  From: New (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
‘New’ is an ethereal and haunting track augmented by weeping strings and a steady ambulant flow, drenched in melancholy and sense of deep yearning. There are genetic strands in which the frail delicate vocals can be traced to Robert Forster and The Go-Betweens and a low fi sparkle filled with veracity and pain”…Read the full review at Backseat Mafia here.

The Laughing Chimes

Track: Arboretum Miles To  From: Arboretum Miles (single) Label: Slumberland Records Out: Now
This new single further confirms the grasp songwriters Evan and Quinn Seurkamp have on the sound of classic jangle pop of the ’80s and ’90s, and a bit of British Invasion as well, despite all of that happening before they were born. Thematically, youthful hopes and yearnings and washes of melancholy are timeless and, when done as well as this, quite affecting….see full review at When You Motor Away here

Salt Lake Alley

Track: Bank Robber To  From: Bank Robber (single) Label: Shelflife Records Out: Now
Salt Lake Alley have covered The Clash 1980 single Bankrobber. The band write that “we tried to approach it like The Byrds approached Bob Dylan’s Mr Tambourine Man. In the end, it probably sounds more like the UK circa 1989 than Laurel Canyon circa 1965.”…see full review at Records I Like here

Hadnot Creek

Track: A Good Talking To  From: I’m Gone (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
The best jangly Americana track that Lou Reed that Lou Reed never quite got around to writing is indicative of this superb album by a Hadnot Creek project led by Charlottesville’s Robert Sawrey.


Track: Chemicals  From: Black Arcs Rising (album) Label: Lovely Records Out: Now
Sweden’s Statues launch the melodic, bittersweet, and shoegaze-infused single ”Chemicals”.  Recorded in Svenska Grammofonstudion and produced and mixed by Christian Ramirez, this dreamy alt. rock track is the second taste of Statues’ upcoming third studio album ”Black Arcs Rising”…See full review at Rock ‘N’ Load here.


Track: Dummy  From: Dummy (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Swirling dreamy Snail Mail-style sultry indie-pop chanteuse through crunching alt rock modernity, this second single confirms the Mitski style potential of this act and adds an extra sense of emo.

Kondratieff Wave Generator

Track: Welcome to the Project  From: High Rise (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Coming to you from Oregon, Kondratieff Wave Generator (for brevity, K-Wave) bring us “welcome to the project!” off of the of their debut album High Rise. K-Wave brings joyfully warm guitars, almost as if they’re excited-but-not-too-excited-in-a-lowkey-way to bring us their brand of chill, vintage-tinged bedroom-pop. The wispy riffs driven by steady drums and bass evoke a mix between early iterations of The Strokes (specifically their stripped down performances) and more modern bedroom-pop luminaries like Day Wave…Read the full review at buffaBLOG here

The Lousy Pop Group

Track: Despair  From: Last Breath (single) Label: Shiny Happy Records Out: Now
“The Lousy Pop Group’s record label, Shiny Happy Records, suggest the band’s new EP would be “for the fans of Brighter, Harper Lee, Nixon, The Field Mice, etc”. They are not kidding. Eko Sutrisno, the man behind the monikor, has been writing and playing indiepop songs that echo to the sounds of Bristol for a few years now and these gentle, melodic songs could be his best yet”…Read the full review at Records I Like here


Track: Le Navire Chavire From: M’lasse (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
“Packing in 7 songs in 22 minutes, the band’s self-produced and self-titled debut EP, invites listeners on a musical journey from hazy, narcotic psych to full-bore shoegaze roar with detours through undulating, middle-eastern flavored surf, thunderous 70’s style riffing, fuzzed-out downer pop, and noise rock freakouts”…see full review at Sound Kharma here

Oliver Flanagan

Track: Pretty Little Head  From: A Spoonful (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Pretty Little Head epitomizes a brilliant album of washed-out, subtle psyche-pop from an artist who has suddenly arisen into glorious life with two albums in 2023, after a hiatus since 2009. Press every follow button you can find to be part of his Renaissance.

The Plus 4

Track: It’s A Mystery  From: It’s A Mystery (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
When we first introduced The Plus 4 last month, we admitted that we knew nothing about them other than they are based in the UK and are dedicated to a Beatlesque version of indie pop. However, now — as we are about to reveal their third single of 2023 — we can confirm that, well, we know nothing more. So, we direct you straight to the music”….See review at When You Motor Away here

Empty Page

Track: Level Sedentary From: Imploding (album) Label: Self released Out: Album release date TBA
Level Sedentary is the second single from Imploding, the upcoming album by Brit alt rockers The Empty Page. Following the extroversion of their recent single, Dry Ice, the new track is all about inwardness or “hiding under the duvet,” as the band puts it…See full review at Destroy Exist here


Track: London  From: Howling at a Concrete Moon (album) Label: Chillburn Recordings Out: Now
“…When I think about the sound’s that London’s Pynch are crafting, it feels like they’re rooted in the New York scene of the early 00s, specifically anything with James Murphy’s hands on it. There’s that underlying pulse that feels like it’s ready to explode at any moment and drop a hook that’ll stick for days”…Read the full review at Austin Town Hall here

Leon In The Wild

Track: Holy Space Cadet Prodrome  From: Leon In The Wild (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
“All 6 songs here fit together perfectly. The emphasis is on Pop, yet Holy Space Cadet Prodrome turns into great Psych Pop…see full review at I Don’t Hear A Single here

Hidden States

Track: Lost Wave From: Reconcile (EP) Label: Humming Records Out: EP out 31 March 2023
The Waterboys-meets Echo and The Bunnymen theatrical-meets janglepop. If a more massive single emerges from anywhere in 2023 I will be amazed !

Powder Horns

Track:  Mind Games  From: Dissolution (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
“A supreme power pop anthem that’s as catchy as it is biting, it’s yet another raucously excellent preview of what Powder Horns’ new album Dissolution (out 3/10 via Powder Horns Recording Company) has in store. Fusing punk, garage, shoegaze and noise rock with an undeniable dose of power pop…” – See full review at From The Strait here.

Eyesore & The Jinx

Track:  An Ideas Man  From: An Ideas Man / Do What You Love (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
“Inspired by the post-pandemic explosion of #propertytok, ‘An Ideas Man’ is about the cult of landlordism and a parasitic ideology which has become pervasive in its wake. It’s about exploitation masquerading as philanthropy and the pursuit of a passive income which has become celebrated rather than shamed. In short, it’s about how much I fucking hate landlords.”…see full review at Kool Rock Radio here


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