EP Review – Mould by Sewage Farm (Safe Suburban Home Records) (2023)


Touted on every band and release bio as garage rock, I was surprised to hear a release that was far more bashful than the battered characteristics of that particular genre.
Thankfully’ is perhaps the word I missed out on in the above paragraph. The muted rock that Sewage Farm offers enables Broken Bridge, Strawberry Strawberry and the simply sublime Starting Tomorrow to extract tight whirring faux-jangly melodies out of a glorious fuzz that thrives on the drone of Dinosaur Jr. and the plaintive vocals of Nine Black Alps man Sam Forrest. 
Of course, as is always the case in this “sod’s law’ world we live in, the two outliers are the best of the album. Cry crushes jangle and The Chills style chiming riffs through the omnipotent fuzz, whereas Cage takes the bands down modern post-punk avenues with its Cola motorik sparsity, which is married to The Feelies-style guitar angularity and agitation.
Another superb release from a Safe Suburban Home Records label that has been on a serious run of form over the preceding 12 months. Grab your a cassette or digital copy here.






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