EP Review – Bonus Beats by The Photocopies (2023) (Self Released)


There is rarely a nanosecond that passes where Michigan-based Londoner Sean Turner and his The Photocopies solo recording project doesn’t release some sort of new music. Yet, strangely enough, I just cannot find it within myself to stop celebrating every release like it was the return of my oldest musical friend after a 10-year hiatus. There is no doubting he is that good.
This Bonus Beats EP is his latest offering and was essentially only previously provided to buyers of his recent Million Sellers EP that was released via new Welsh label The Ultra Modern Label on a very limited edition 7″ lathe-cut vinyl that was sold out in just eight hours.
In most cases, referring to a release that is a mere three tracks long and spans less than five minutes in total might be considered as hyperbole. However, despite the  one minute brevity of the opening double salvo I Should Have Known This Was A Stupid Idea and Words Spoken,  the tracks feel so fully formed with their jangly, whirring buzzsaw-fuzz, and Duglas T. Stewart style vocal cutesy, that they are obviously much more than a mere side thought.
Naturally, the best song on the album is the longest in It Must Be So Amazing To Be Like You. Taking a Death of a Tune / The Hidden Cameras style persistent hushed fuzz-pop foundation and layering the cutest of 90s twee-pop vocals, Turner does what he is increasingly becoming renowned for among the indie ‘Bandcamp Bretheren’ with his take on the most fragile of C86 machinations.
You never quite know where Turner will go with his releases in future, such is the eclectic nature of his releases. All we do know is that it will be plentiful and great.






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