Beat The Delete #0201 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining us for Beat The Delete #0201, bringing you 21 new tracks from old and new favorites.
March was the month 2023 finally awoke from its post-2022-malaise with a whole host of wonderful pre-order singles from forthcoming releases that are bound to trouble the best of lists at the end of the year, some of which are featured below.

Burning Ferns

Track: Nothing to Hide  From: World of the Wars  (album) Label: Country Mile Records Out: Album out April 2023
Nothing to Hide is a rare Burning Ferns love song, which hints at the more varied textures and startling musicality of the new album as a whole…See full review at Entertainment South Wales here.


Track: Finding a Way From: Surfacing (album) Label: Meritorio Records Out: Album out 12 May 2023
First single “Finding A Way,” strums and fizzes, letting a bit of noise crawl in at the edges of their tale of love gone sour. The band throws a few summer-sweet harmonies in for good measure and the track has a tendency to get stuck in on repeat around the recesses of the mind…see full review at Raven Sings the Blues here


Track: Madhouse Breakout Multitool From: Madhouse Breakout Multitool (single) Label: Rama Lama Records Out: Now
Madhouse Breakout Multitool, despite the song title and subject, is a lovely twee inspired, and at times, delicate pop song. The harmonious joint vocals work really well and whilst Nina Hyldgaard Rasmussen’s vocals get a bit squeaky (helium like?) at times, it adds to the song’s charms…Read full review at Records I Like here.

Mary Anne’s Polar Rig

Track: Som En Dröm From: Makes You Wonder (Album) Label: Rama Lama Records Out: Now
“Som En Dröm” (Like A Dream) announces itself with a stomping guitar riff, and grows into a swirl of jangling guitar lines and thumping drums. It feels like a song written in different chapters, with its choppy intro, rock-and-roll sing-along chorus and helter-skelter, guitar-shredding outro. But fueling it all the way is a sense of restlessness, of longing to run towards the horizon and never look back…from promo release bio

The Ballet

Track: Two Boyfriends  From: Daddy Issues (single) Label: Fika Recordings Out: Now
Formed in 2005 by Greg Goldberg and Craig Willse, The Ballet marry wry poeticism with pop romanticism and a queer DIY ethos to create literate, infectious pop gems…read full review at Fika Recordings here.


Track: Sound Advice  From: Sound Advice  (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Combining emotional, incisive melodies and driving rhythms that shift at an unpredictable rate, eager comparisons to the Pixies, and poppier moments of The Smashing Pumpkins are not lost on them…from promo bio.

The Tambourine Girls

Track: Into Your Blue  From: Different Streets (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Five years on from their sophomore album Waiting For Pleasure, Sydney’s The Tambourine Girls are back with their gorgeous third full-length, with Different Streets out March 9 but premiering on Pilerats today!
Showcasing their range & development as songwriters and musicians, Different Streets sees the group infuse elements of alt-country and stripped back ballads among their unique brand of jangly, power-pop and indie rock across the albums 11 tracks…see full review at Pilerats here

Your Heart Breaks

Track: Wesley Crusher (feat Kimya Dawson)  From: The Wrack Line (album) Label: Kill Rock Stars Out: Album out 07 July 2023
“Wesley Crusher” is partially a tightly-written power pop gem and partially a tribute to the titular character from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The lyrics draw a throughline from the character’s angst to actor Wil Wheaton’s real-life struggles, eventually arriving in Clyde Petersen’s world as a younger Petersen sits in front of the TV longing to beam onto the Starship Enterprise. Petersen laces these reflections into a propulsive instrumental, tinged with distorted guitars, rollicking drums, and catchy pop hooks….see full review at Under The Radar here.

Bleach Lab

Track: Indigo  From: Indigo (single) Label: Nettwerk Out: Now
The release of the new single, ‘Indigo’ is a hazy cut featuring splashy cymbals and bright rhythmic guitar riffs that jangling throughout. Symbolic of a glittering summer sunset, lowering into a more overcast second act imparted by darkening strings. The track is inspired by being in a harmful relationship with somebody who repeatedly tries to convince you they’re sorry…read the full review at When The Horn Blows here

New Avenues

Track: Flourish  From: Flourish (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
The song begins with a simple yet effective drum beat that is quickly joined by lush layers of dreamy guitars and synths. Ross’s vocals then enter, delicately weaving in and out of the intricate instrumentation. The chorus is particularly captivating, with Ross’s voice soaring over the shimmering guitars and pulsing bassline…read full review at Independent Music Reviews here.

People I’m Not

Track: Miserable People From: Miserable People (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
People I’m Not is a solo project started in 2022 by Nejc Culk, a multi-instrumentalist from Slovenia. Home-brewed garage pop straight from his bedroom overlooking the Alps, marked by jangly guitars, subtle pianos and a quiet yearning for a return to nature…from release promo.

Panic Pocket

Track: Mad Half Hour  From: Mad Half Hour (album) Label: Skep Wax Records Out: Album out 26 May 2023
Mad Half Hour’ is an arms aloft, strident empowering singalong ripe with a hook laden sway. Concerned with the semi-philosophical musings of a nineties pop icon, it’s a loving tribute. Panic Pocket warp a litany of strangely inspirational quotes into an anthem about lost friends, faded glamour, and the need to go wild as and when required. Watch the smart accompanying video with its tributes to the era of silent movies and 60s cinema, that we are debuting below….read full review God is in the TV here.

The First Eloi

Track: Neverland  From: Neverland (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Neverland is the fourth single by The First Eloi, a moody and fairly disheartening dream themed on a world without play. It is as melodic and dreamlike as the group’s previous material, and serves as yet another showcase of a band that’s on the rise….read full review at Destroy//Exist here

Adam Camm

Track: Abandoned From: Abandoned (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Mixing the 60s inflected psyche of modern acts such as Kevin Robertson and Scott Robertson with the beautifully tinny India mystique that the genre sometimes offer, this Londoner lives up to his tagline of ‘Psyche-pop for sound minds”.

The Legends

Track: Loser From: Loser (single) Label: Golden Islands Out: Now
The ideal Lo-Fi Pop with a very tube, delicate and almost meditative atmosphere. You do not want to leave the house and at the same time want to spend your evening in complete loneliness – then this track from The Legends is the perfect choice for you.” …See full review at Nagamag here.

Death & Vanilla 

Track: Find Another Illusion From: Flicker (Album) Label: Fire Records Out: Now
Swedish baroque-psych act Death & Vanilla are back with Flicker, their first album in four years, which will be out March 17 via Fire. The first single is the gorgeous, melancholic “Find Another Illusion,” which sways along a breeze of gently strummed guitars, mellotrons, flutes and Marleen Nilsson’s ethereal vocals. Listen to that below…Read full review at Brooklyn Vegan here

Deep Dyed 

Track: Memory Starts to Bloom From: Unmade Beds (Album) Label: La Pochette Surprise Out: Album out 25 May 2023
Swathed in Psyche pop and the Australiana of acts like The Go-Betweens and The Triffids this Hamburg based foursome make beauty out perfect subtlety.

Cinema Lumiere

Track: Cotton Candy Clouds From: Cotton Candy Clouds (single) Label: Catshelf Records Out: Album out 25 May 2023
Cotton Candy Clouds is the second single to be taken from the Manila based Cinéma Lumière’s forthcoming album, What’s Life Without Whimsy? Like its predecessor Sunday the track is inspired by twee pop circa post punk/C86. It’s appropriate the word candy is in the title as the song is very sweet…read full review at Records I Like here

Iguana Death Cult

Track: Pushermen From: Why Nuts (Album) Label: Innovative Leisure Out: Now
This is one of those songs that just sort of happened while fooling around. Talking about it now already feels kind of surreal but we were literally trapped inside my home because of the curfew that was installed due to covid.
Guitar in hand, we were reviewing the state of the world and the growing division and distrust we saw not only in the media, but amongst the people we know. Someone joked that we should quit the band and go into the vaccine business and so, we had our chorus….see full review at Pyschedelic Bay Mag here

Delivery + Workhorse

Track: Who Makes Demands From: Who Makes Demands (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Released through Spoilsport Records the self-produced collaboration ‘Who Makes Demands?’ was brought to life at Box Hill Institute’s Sing Sing East studios and mixed by Sam Harding and mastered by Mikey Young. The track was born from a sonic middle point, with a Velvet Underground sound in mind drawing on the new garage and punk sounds of Delivery, and Workhorse’s western-tinged dream pop, but ultimately veering off into something else entirely.
A driving drum beat, catchy surf rock style vocals, and primal guitar sounds and riffs from Delivery guitarists’ James and Sam, layer amidst a slide solo from Harriet aka Workhorse, merging their sounds to become Who Makes Demands?; the perfect tune to sing and dance amongst the grassy hills of the Bambra bowl…see full review at The Partae here.

Why Nuts

Track: Dreaming Fish From: Why Nuts (Album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Jangly, 90s alternative rock and crunching passion mark the return of Quebec’s Why Nuts after a hiatus of 10 years. Give them as much love as possible to keep them around!


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