Album Review – Dot Dot Dot by Super Hit (2023) (Metal Postcard Records)

Super Hit album art

I am perhaps one of the few who has heard of Super Hit, the solo recording project of Portlands’ Kyle Handley. However, before I strip naked, paint my nose bright purple and run through town screeching ‘oooh look at me, for I am a musical oracle’, I suppose I should qualify that it is only because I am somewhat infatuated with the Woolen Men who shared a See My Friends Records label with them in the late 2010’s.
Crushed with the most no-fi essence that lo-fi jangle rock has to offer, tracks such as OK, Boy, Tomorrow, Slice of Life and the simply sublime Torn in Two (Oh Babu) are everything that makes The Smashing Times, Midden Heap and Flowertown perfectly bruised alt.jangle, whilst constantly being augmented by a roughshod vocal delivery that is so very Blueboy / Stewart Anderson in texture.
While the sense of alternative never really disappears it does shift in nuance on tracks best represented by Gotta Gotta, Maybe, Love You So (Oh Genie) and Fingertips of Love. Such tracks proffer a perfect antithesis between the ever-present blurted, C86 style vocal delivery and a lo-fi version of the slightly snide American twee-pop of  Tullycraft.
Another glorious spurious release from a Metal Postcards label that revel in the obtuse. Only available digitally, grab your download here.


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