Single Review: All Down To You by Baby Lemonade (1988) (Cloudberry Records – 2019)

BabyLemonadeBaby Lemonade were a mid-late 80’s band from Scotland who did there thing alongside more recognized C86 countrymen such as The Pastels, Big Flame, Primal Scream, Shop Assistants and McKenzies.

Whilst all of the above bands went onto to garner almost indie-cult status in the hearts and minds of now 40/50 something middle aged indie ‘kids-, Baby Lemonade perhaps suffered from the fact that were too fey, too jangly and ultimately too instinctively indie-pop, to really make an impression among the C86 bravado.

However, that does not make them any less special and as anyone who has ever got hold of a copy of their 1988 album, One Thousand Secrets (where this track is from – see below) or the 2003 Egg Records mini compilation will attest, they were probably just a victim of being half a decade ahead of the Sarah Records indie-pop climate that was ready to embrace them with more particular fervency.


Baby Lemonade are the sort of band that Roque Ruiz of Cloudberry Records excels in finding. The hidden gems that should be on everybody’s lips but for whatever reasons ( and it tends to be cultural circumstance) have slipped past being welcomed into the indie kingdom of cool, when really they should have had at least a couple of years on the throne.

I am not sure what Cloudberry can add to the Baby Lemonade story. I do know however, as a proud owner of several releases from their previous musical archaeology expeditions, that it is usually something substantial.

Can’t wait for this one, if this flyer single from the pending Spring compilation is testament to a general quality.

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