Beat the delete #0008 (new music recommendations)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.

Band: Superchunk

Track:  Up and About (Isthmus Live Session)  From:  AF (Acoustic Foolish)   Label:  Merge Records  Release date:  31 May 2019

Superchunk are one of a select band of 90’s guitar based bands that have consistently continued to produce the goods. This acoustic album celebrates their brilliance as musicians and their ability to always find that next difference.


Band: Girl Friday

Track:  Decoration/Currency  From: Fashion Conman (EP)  Label:  Hardly Art  Release date:  Single out now / EP 28 June 2019

Mixing the delivery of any number of deadpan female vocals from the 90’s Britpop contenders, Girl Friday twist it very differently by replacing the shout of yesterday with the alt.jangle of today.


Band: Real Numbers

Track:  Up and About (Isthmus Live Session)  From: Performs  Label:  Self Released  Release date:  31 May 2019

One of the first bands Janglepophub featured on the Fickle Finger series. After a two years absence it is great to have them back with this collection of live tracks recorded at various radio ‘sessions’ in 2017 and 2018.


Band: I Drove A Tank

Track:  Lips  From: Ettiquette (album)  Label:  Gazer Tapes  Release date:  30 May 2019

Cassette label Gazer Tapes have been releasing all sorts of off kilter jangle from the lowlands over the last few years. I Drove a Tank are no exception, delving in and out of twisted skew pop in the most gloriously haphazard way.


Band: Kodiak Island

Track:  And I Love You  From: The Lime EP  Label:  Musical Bear Records  Release date:  24 May 2019

Vocalist Jo Bartlett’s (It’s Jo and Danny and The Yellow Moon Band) has a simply beautiful voice that is tailor made for this sort of jangly contemporary pop…think Britain’s answer to the Shellye Valauskas Band …its just four tracks, but it’s four tracks of pure quality.


Band: Horsebeach

Track:  Dreaming  From: The Unforgiving Current   Label:  Self Released   Release date:  August 2019

Great to see this act back after two years since their Beauty and Sadness album. Although the beautiful cloying jangle is still in this single, it is layered behind a more funked up stylistic that has not been a typical Horsebeach essence previously…it will be interesting to see if this typifies a slight new direction…I hope so.


Band: Tear Waxies

Track:  SSDD  From: SSDD (single) Label:  Self Released  Release date:  August 2019

Great single this, starting off with a faux Bloodshot Bill intro, before descending gloriously into something akin to a Tough Love style jangle-punk. I am all over their follow button on Soundcloud!


Band: Palehound

Track:  Black Friday  From: Black Friday (album)  Label:  Polyvinyl Recording Company  Release date:  07 June 2019

This final single and title track from the soon to be released album, has to be one of the most beautiful tracks that Palehound has ever released. Both musically and lyrically the track shines from start to finish to such an extent you just want to offer thanks!


Band: Stars on Fire

Track:  Stuck Somewhere  From: Blue Skies Above (EP)  Label:  Kocliko Records Release date:  Single out now14 June 2019

Ex Ampersand man, Christoph Marc’s latest project, mixing what he describes as ‘scruffy jangle’ to what I describe as ‘appropriately distorted jangle’ that flirts incessantly with shoegaze. It’s a truly square edged take of the new jangle-gaze sound.


Band: Dude York

Track:  Falling  From: Falling Album  Label:  Hardly Art Release date:  Single out now / 26 July 2019

Lovin’ this! It’s like mid era The Cranberries with just that extra splash of extra commercialism that is going to make this popular with radio and the indie cool kids alike. Obviously the gloriously jangled overlay of this track promises so much for the remainder of album.


Hope you enjoyed! Please give these bands / releases as much support as possible and we will see you next for the new music recommendations of Beat The Delete #0009.




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