Beat the Delete #0027 (New Music Recommendations)



New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.

Say Sue Me

Track:  Good People From: Your Book / Good People (single)  Label:  Damnably Release date: 04 October 2019

After a period of worshipping at the temple of all things surf rock. Say Sue Me get back to what their best at…adding a bit of grit and grumble to the jangle! Grab hold of this vinyl single early, they always sell out! 



Track:  Gwangan Surf From: Gwangan Surf (single)  Label:  Self Released Release date: 14.10.19

This band/single are where their Busan townies Say Sue Me may be if they were to double the tempo and slather on the fuzz.



Track:  Mr.Lee From: Heavy Lifter  Label:  Double Double Whammy Release datePre-order now/release date 18.10.19

The smoothest dream-pop / jangle gaze this side of The BV’s !


Track:  Good People From: Your Book / Good People (single)  Label:  Self Released Release date: 04 October 2019

Band member of the Seaside Stars and Man Behind Tree goes solo to provide fuzz-pop inclinations somewhere between 90s Rocketship and today’s Trying.



Track:  Drag From: Happy to be Hear (Ext)  Label:  Winspear Release date: Pre-order out 18.10.19

Chiming jangled riffs, dream-pop and slight gaze inflections are infused throughout superlative lush melodies. A truly beautiful aesthetic.



Track:  S.C.A.B From: Beauty & Balance  Label:  Spirit Goth Records Release date: Pre-order now/release date 08.01.20

Post-punk charm meets Postcard Records / Fire Engines revival. The entire album that this track is from is going to be well worth checking out for fans of anxious guitar work.


Stars on Fire

Track:  Salty From: Songs for the Summer (EP)  Label:  Emmas House Records Release date: Pre-order now/release date 25.10.19

Cris Romero of The Royal Landscaping Society masters and co-produces this to find  the right mix between shoegaze muffle and jangled guitar textures. This ex-Ampersand man’s finest track yet and definite pre-order material.


Mail Santa

Track:  52 Morning From: Dumb (EP)  Label:  Self Released Release date: 13 October 2019

Like a more lethargic Stars on Fire (see above), Newcastle based Aussie’s Mail Santa mix muted psych, gaze inflections and that inimitable Triple J aussie thing. A truly great vibe.



Track:  Anything, Anything From: Anything, Anything (single)  Label:  Self released Release date: Pre-order now/release date 12.10.19

Mixing the strange slightly manic vocals of late PIL era Rotten with the bouncing jangle machinations of The 1975. A very promisong debut single from this 4-some.


Mikal Cronin

Track:  Shelter From: Seeker  Label:  Merge Records Release date: Pre-order now/release date 25.10.19

Unnoficially the world’s first jangle-grunge. As Cronin goes as large as he can with every conceivable grunt, the track returns to a beautifully isolated jangled riff on a repeated basis. I want to call it beguiling but it’s too caustic for that…either way it’s enthralling

If you like these bands please support them in any way you can! Let’s keep them around!



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