Beat the Delete #0030 (New Music Recommendations)



This weeks new music recommendations fetaures the following great acts (please remember, if you like them please support them in whatever way is possible to you…lets keep them around for as long as possible!)



Track:  Heading Out From: Untitled album  Label:  Self Released Release date: Date TBA in 2020 for album release

The Welsh Yo La Tengo, promise to rattle more ramshackle jangled brilliance on next year’s sophomore album, if this flyer single is anywhere near indicative of it’s general aesthetic.


Alpaca Sports

Track:  Saddest Girl in the World From: Saddest Girl in the World (single)  Label:  Elefant Records Release date: October 2019

Sweden’s most twee, most sunshine, most sublime jangly popsters, are back with a brand new single to remind you of those days when winter had not engulfed your soul.



The Vapour Trails

Track:  Behind You From: The Inner Truth – Home Recordings and Demos  Label:  Futureman Records Release date: 01 November 2019

From the vaults of The Vapour Trails…less than three months after the brilliant ‘See You in the Next World’, band / label treat the fans to a dip into the musical vaults and on a ‘name your price’ basis too at Bandcamp!


Wished Bone

Track:  Trees We Couldn’t Tell The Size Of From: Sap Season  Label:  Self Released Release date: 01 November 2019

Lo-fi, fuzzy, uncluttered slacker pop has never felt so warm and endearing as it does in the hands of Ohio based Ashley Rhodus. A truly beautiful and compelling album.


The Cry

Track:  It is as it Seems  From: It is at it Seems (single)  Label:  Self Released Release date: October 2019

More well known for the precise clarity of their jangle-pop, The Cry add some fuzz to their sound and pull it off with aplomb !!!



Loser Company

Track:  Blueberry Skies From: Blueberry Skies (EP)  Label:  Self Released Release date: EP out 07.12.19

Californian act reveal The Beatles inflections among all manner of fuzz pop machinations…and strangely make such disparation work!



Track:  Chords Come Easy From: Chords Come Easy b​/​w Static Threads (single)  Label:  Poison Moon Records: Release date:  01.11.19

Campbell takes the smooth laconic vocals of Evan Dando and twists them through subtle fuzz pop inflections and a muted power pop attitude. Think The Lemonheads without their commercial bent and you are in the right territory.


The Kerosene Hours

Track:  Hang On From: Hang On (single)  Label:  Self Released Release date:  02.11.19

It is hard to find truly original music. Nick Cave fronting a Surf Goth band anyone? One listen and you’ll be a devotee of this brilliantly atmospheric LA Act.


Curling Dreams

Track:  Falling From: Hang On (single)  Label:  Self Released Release date: 01.11.19

Halmstad (Sweden) outfit, that forego the usual clarity of Scandinavian riffs and forage in the murkier waters of a kind of muted surf rock meets Sarah Records type vibe. This and their previous ‘Happy Now’ single are well worth checking out and should convince you to press the follow button!


Dilary Huff

Track:  Overused Sayings From: Overused Sayings (EP)  Label:  Devil Town Tapes Release date: 15.11.19

As the Melbourne jangle-pop scene gathers continued momentum, this solo project by Sally Hull threatens to give it an extra difference and an added layer of melancholic cool.



Track:  Thesaurus Songs From: Thesaurus Songs  Label:  Self Released Release date: 02.11.19

The Scottish Billy Bragg wakes Ballboy up with a smack across the chops in this beguiling mixture of fuzz/indie/ power guitar driven pop.



Track:  Cruel World From: Cruel World  Label:  Self Released Release date: Aug 2019

Okay, I am very late on this one and obviously streching the ‘new’ a bit…however the isolated jangled riffs are essemtial to the atmosphere in this track, just need to be shared!


Brady Harris

Track:  Tell Me Why From: Keep Your Cover (EP)  Label:  Self Released Release date: 29 October 2019

Good to hear this sort of uncomplicated jangly contempo pop is still around. While most similar acts are adding production bells and whistles and forcing all things 60s into the mix, Harris ensures the retention of the ‘pure’ in modern day pure pop.


Charles A Lewis

Track:  Come Back Home From: Keep Your Cover (EP)  Label:  Self Released Release date: 31 October

In the mid to late 1970’s  lo-fi indie folk morphed unto jangly, hazy slacker pop. Charles A Lewis is one of its best modern day proponents. An album full of tracks that effortlessly accompany those glorious moments when you have nothing to do and even less inclination to do them.


Grand Sun

Track:  Feeling Tired From: Sal Y Amore  Label:  Self Released Release date: March 2020

Portuguese outfit with enough glorious 60s psych pop and Hammond organ to be accepted at the altar as a sacrifice to the god of Austin Powers. Thrills and fun from start to finish.


Alex Price

Track:  Point of View From: Point of View (single)  Label:  Self Released Release date: 25 October 2019

The jangliest 80’spop rock you will ever hear! The dominant riff lingers in your ears for hours! 

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