EP Review – Huddle EP by Pagodas (2020) (self released)

There is a lot going on in thIS debut release from Bristol based three-piece, Pagodas…Thankfully all of it is good, as long as you are the sort that is prepared to embrace your jangle in a more leftfield format, rather than insisting that the genre ended in Athens, Georgia, in the mid 90’s.

The sense of a ‘lot’ in this case, is best seen in the tracks Egg Season, Sicknote’s Not Enough and the true stand out of the release Trade (the latter two tracks are seen below), which twist Devo style chopped up rhythms, through Wire style agita riffs. This is all then slid under the 60/70’s style psych melodies and disparate vocal deliveries that teeter between Television Personalities or Blur.  It’s weird in the ‘implies originality’ sense of the word.

Bristol has a proud history of bands like Blue Aeroplanes, The Groove Farm and The Flatmates from the 1980’s and more recently the Raving Pop Blast label acts of Arrest Charlie Tipper and The Total Rejection, that excel in alt.jangle. The fact that the Pagodas could sit comfortably with these acts,  is near enough the ultimate praise.

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