Album Review – Horn If You’re Honky by Girlatones (2020) (Meritorio Records)

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In the very first track of the album, One Chord Too Many, the Girlatones intimate their essential musical modus operandi with the lines we like to keep it simple / but we long to take you somewhere else.

They succeed. Taking the slightest of ‘almost’ garage rock sounds, lacing it with typically Aussie Cool Sounds style jangle-pop and simple arrangements, Horn if Your Honky entertains as much through it’s sense of frivolous as it does via its plethora of indie-pop melodies that hint at a more laconic The Stroppies.

Of course the core aesthetic is deliberately insubstantial and never takes itself seriously enough to really rouble those who form the public opinion of what indie-pop cool currently is.

However as a body of work, this album is riddled with sort of charm that makes certain bands the select preference of the ‘nowadays chosen few’, as well as cult acts and purveyors of sell out reunion tours 20 years down the line!


Essentially this is the perfect playful musical antidote to the current, more stolid, social climate and such an album has never been more welcome!

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