Beat The Delete #0068 (Weekly new music recommendations)


A smaller set of recommendations than usual this. This is primarily due to a reduced number of submissions received.
This made me wonder whether anyone liked me anymore and indeed, question my whole purpose on this planet. You know that sensitive mate we all have. Well, that’s me…my mum also used to say I have ‘a weak chest’, whatever that means?
Eventually I managed to pick myself up, give my emotions and self esteem a quick cuddle, before realising that this is the lull before ‘Bandcamp Fridays 07.08.20 storm’, when I will be inundated with 113,000,000 tracks from the 2013 demo vaults of 403,542 acts, who hope to score a few dollars from their ‘new music’.
Please give generously on Bandcamp Friday…but before that why not listen and give generously in whatever way you can to the following new acts who have released actual ‘new music’ (winky emoticon).


French Cut

Track: Almost All The Time  From: Signature (EP) Label:  Self released Out: EP out later this year
Slipping effortlessly alongside Melbourne dolewave acts, but imbuing their own sense of rock fraction and slight melancolia, this single conveys immense potential for the forthcoming album.


Sunny Disposition

Track: Rain on Your Parade  From: Full of Reasons (EP) Label:  Self released Out: EP out now
Another Aussie act showing there is more to the Melbourne jangle-scene than just dolewave. This feels like an unplugged version Cobain, fronting the best late 90’s indie-melancolia act you’ve never heard yet.


The Harriets

Track: Darlin’  From: Hopefuls (album) Label:  Self released Out: Album out now
Residing between obvious Hefner / Darren Hayman / The Wave Pictures British  sardonic and meticulous jangly indie-pop, The Harriets will hopefully lead a well overdue 2000’s British indie-pop revival…If this Hopefuls album is not frequenting numerous ‘best ofs’ lists in early January 2021 I will be massively surprised!?


Old Fashioned Bleeding Hearts

Track: Kickstarted  From: Departures (album) Label:  Self released Out: Album out now
This track, from the solo project of New York based Colton Tracy, wraps all manner of isolated riffs around the sort of dynamic fuzz driven pop vibe that is thankfully becoming increasingly prevalent on todays jangly landscape.


For Sure

Track: Cinema  From: Cinema (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Capturing that strange sense of surreal felt when encountering usually empty public places during lockdown and linking it to a sense lovelorn, this chiming, jangly masterpiece, ticks every imaginable box.


Sea Bass

Track: Daisy Surf  From: Daisy Surf (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Londoners, providing that sense of theatre and post-punk inflections that instantly draws favourable comparisons to RVG and Wild Nothing and their  muscular, chiming jangle.


Sleepy Gonzales

Track: Motorbike  From: Motorbike (single) Label:  Light Organ Records Out: Out now
The dream-pop beauty of a modern jangly act like LIPS mixed with the extra sense of indie chanteuse that suggests the aloof prettiness of a Phoebe Bridgers type act. Totally beguiling from this Vancouver based act.



Track: Aurora  From: Aurora (single) Label:  Self released Out: Out now
The promo for this single, descibes their sound as ‘stadium bedroom pop’, which would be perhaps the perfect description if the words ‘lucid jangle’ could be added somewhere. A truly glorious vibe from this San Antonio four piece.


Sam Rowan

Track: Kickstarted  From: Kickstarted (single) Label:  Self released Out: Album out now
A left field mix, equidistant between Pavement style off melodies, the spurious instrumentals of indie-folk and spindly Primo! style jangled riffs. You can search, but you will not find another act that sounds like this Brighton based solo artist!


Palm Ghosts

Track: My Heart is a Beehive  From: Loop Arcade (EP) Label:  Ice Queen Records Out: EP out now
Perhaps more mid 80’s post-punk from a vocal perspective than ever before, however this crooning, extra darkness merely adds increased contrast and vibrancy to Palm Ghosts signature chiming riffs.


Unicorns at Heart

Track: February Sky  From: Aurora (album) Label: Z Tapes Out: Album out 03.08.20
Isolated jangly riffs, coursing through a perfect sense of lo-fi melancholia and natural left field. A superb sound for those who love their lo-fi just that little bit weird and escaping the confines of a bedroom.


Patrick Nitti

Track: Seemed So Sure  From: Seemed So Sure (single) Label: Self released Out: Out now
New York solo artist Patrick Nitti, has the ability to blur the parameters of groove laden psyche, indie rock and jangle-pop in equal measures. It’s a mixtures of sounds as unique as it is endearing.

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