EP Review ‘ Premiere – The City of God by Peter JohnstonRVA

The original Peter Johnston is obviously the full back who played for Peterborough United in their glorious promotion winning season of 1991/1992. He probably couldn’t play a note, but he could kick a winger into the stands from 40 yards away!
From a musical perspective this This Peter JohnstonRVA has the potential to be equally as glorious. First coming to my attention with the quite brilliant  I Heard You Call Out single that we featured a few months ago, this EP continues in a similar special vein.
The three tracks on this EP suffuse suggestions of left field monasterial vocals against intermittent dry twangs, acoustic majestations and fluttering Sarah Records riffs, and then contrast this by paying homage to an essence of late 80’s post-punk atmospheres. It all comes together to present a semblance of forboding without ever being dank and claustrophobic.
For some, the overall aesthetic might feel just that tad ‘too weird’ upon initial listens. However, perserverence reveals increasing layers of the sort of musical strata that suggests this artist is just the extra concentration of a full album away from becoming an essential listen.
Out on 28.08.20, Janglepophub are delighted to give its readers the first airing of the opening track of this brilliant EP (see below).

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