EP Review – Okay Then… by theCatherines (2020) (TeenyTinyTapes)

Hamburg based duo theCatherines, never remain sedentary for too long, both in terms of a tendency towards the prolific and the ever changing, subtle twists to their aesthetic.
After the brilliance of April’s BINGO! album saw them juxtapose their traditional C86 fuzz-pop aesthetic with a new sound that flirted with all manner of 70’s pop vibrancy, such a vibe has now been accentuated to act as the foundation for Okay Then
As such, we see I Can’t Get Finished Doing Nothing and Please Chase Away The Clouds, Will You taking everything 70’s and lacing it with the overt mid 80’s sound of Liverpool sophisti-pop acts like Candy Opera and The Pale Fountains.
Such a sound is the smoothest and most gregariously precise the duo have ever been and although Steven Pastel may well shed a tear for theCatherines of yesteryear, essentially another perfect pop arrow to be fired from an incredibly multi-talented bow.
The other two tracks, What Am I Doing Right and Let’s Do It The Way It Ought To Be Done are slightly less sophisti in texture, but still nod in appreciation to the sort of smooth, rounded pop rock intonations that an act like Peter Hall has been receiving recent critical acclaim for, but with the added sense of experimentation and slight left field, that makes such everything unmistakably theCatherines.
In a few months time this act will be back. Wonderfully, you never quite know what to expect from them with any of their releases, but hopefully they might indulge us with just a little bit more of this pop warmth in future.
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