Single Review – Desert Something by Aloa Input (2020) (Siluh Records)

Its been eleventy-squillion years since the Munich based trio of Cico Beck, Marcus Grassl and Angela Aux have released anything. This is about eleventy-squillion years too long, considering the absolute magnificence of their 2015 Mars album.
Thankfully, they have not spent the last five years idle or giving into to the current face hanky / lockdown times and have traipsed as far as Montreal and Mexico city to provide us with this, their first single, from a Devil’s Diamond Memory Collection album that is scheduled for release in May 2021.  
Of course, as is their way, it is perfectly muted and deceptively melodic as  Aloa Input confirm their musical kinship with the early 2000’s incarnation of the brilliant Liverpool based act, Clinic.
All subdued rhythms, that find the perfect middle point between drone and faux melody, mixed with a sort of post World of Twist / Madchester / Baggy / jangly psyche, Desert Something is one of ‘those singles’ that entices incessant mouse clicks, even if you cannot really pinpoint the exact reason why.
May and the album, cannot come soon enough!


Aloa Input  –  Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
Siluh Records  –  Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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