Beat the Delete #0094 (weekly new music recommendations)


None of this Xmas and New year thing anymore, as a 23 track new music playlist signals the music world re-opening again as musicians return to their days jobs and fill working hours by submitting music to various blogs. Their employers loss is our gain !!!
Please remember to give graciously to the music industry in whatever way you can. A few shekels here and there and/or as much social media love as you can muster, helps ease the pain in non-gig times.
See ya next week for BTD 0095 !!!

The Secret Truth of the Universe

Track: Taker (feat Mariah M) From: Taker (feat Mariah M) (single) Label: Here is Nowhere Records  Out:  Now
Juan Vargas based project that is beautifully equidistant between gaze,dream-pop and the best of modern jangle. Always much to love when this act releases. 


Track: Wrapped in Blue From: Wrapped in Blue (EP) Label: Come Play With Me  Out:  Now
Leeds based six-piece dragging jangled riffs everywhere from The Very Most style pop rock to the sweeter side of The Orielles. Another winner from a Come Play With Me label that just tends to ‘find them’ better than most! 

Full Power Happy Hour

Track: Old Mind of Mine From: Full Power Happy Hour (album) Label: Coolin’ By Sound  Out:  Now
Sumptuous The Clean style jangle with added smoky, modern day Australiana. Fans of anything Dunedin and Triple J may have just found a new Aussie (Brisbane)  favourite !!!

Tim Hart

Track: Steady As She Goes From: Winning Hand (album) Label: Nettwerk Music Group  Out:  Album out 19.02.21
Gloriously jangly pop rock, swathed is string flourishes and all manner of subdued orchestration that act as a perfect conduit for the smoothest of vocals.

Self Care

Track: The Other Way From: Roses (album) Label: Sweet Lodge Recordings  Out:  Now
Mixing the washed out anti-exuberance of Beach Fossils style jangle with the slightly obtuse left field of The Velvet Underground aesthetic, this Portland based act provides psyche with the best of jangly inflections.


Track: Caroline From: Caroline (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Melancholic, jangly dream-pop, evoking the same sort of beauty as the Ghost Mall vibe. It is well worth checking out his back catalogue for regular nuggets like this.


Track: Bloody Knees From: Bloody Knees (singles) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Dulcet, subdued Sunny Day Real Estate vibe, coursing isolated jangled riffs through the best of lo-fi rock.


Track: You Wanted Something Special From: Muylike (EP) Label: Self released  Out:  EP out in the European spring (TBA)
Muylike is the solo project of Dutch songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stijn Post who juxtaposes impossibly melodic, jangly twee, with subtle synths, whilst permanently hovering his finger over the Peach Pit button. Really looking forward to this EP.

Brother Starling

Track: Stand With Me From: Stand With Me (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Smokey, barroom, blue collar and all those kind of adjectives. Imagine Neil Young pressing the jangle button and you are about in the right ball park regarding this glorious sense of old school from Philadelphia.

Kylie V

Track: 510 From: 510 (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
With the subtle melancholy and tempo of the Elliott Smith lo-fi vibe, the overt innocence of Sock Jock and the ‘lived it’ persuasions of Snail Mail, this Vancouver based act thrives on the production of Harley Small (Peach Pit), who draws the absolute beauty out of every note and word.

Community Swimming Pool

Track: Number One From: Number One (single) Label: ZTapes  Out:  Now
Debut single with ZTapes, who offer the most natural of homes to this Glaswegian chiming, dream-pop act. This single is a fitting follow up to the wonderful Upside Down debut and begins to confirm the huge potential this act has.

The Discreets

Track: Standing At Your Door From: Standing At Your Door (single) Label: Strawberry-Lime Records  Out:  Now
Rumbling, grumbling, jangly post-punk (with huge swathes of new wave thrown in), from a mid 80’s era where the genre began to merge with jangle-pop. One of those tracks that just begs for another mouse-click! 


Track: Alone Again From: Alone Again (single) Label: Los Dolores Records  Out:  Now
A head on swipe at ego and pretention presented with the most luscious of  fluttering jangle and dreamy pop melodies. More perfect glitz from this Chicago based act.

Spring Reverb

Track: Psychic Search and Rescue From: Psychic Search and Rescue (single) Label: Boreal Tapes  Out:  Now
If there is not such a genre as the glorious ‘so cal Surf-gaze genre, then this brilliant solo project of Portland’s Devan Kochersperger seems intent upon creating one.

Josh Phillips

Track: Oh My From: PLUS//ULTRA (album) Label: Inner City Recordings  Out:  Album out of April 2021
Drenched in The King of Limbs Radiohead machinations but adding genuine jangled riffs, this Manchester based act aprovide faux melodies to keep left field jangle fans enamoured. A truly original sound.

Ricardo Cesar

Track: Ensaio Sobre a Retórica From: Ensaio Sobre a Retórica (album) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Brazilian act that lies at the special midway point between Ghost Mall style jangly gaze and Hanemoon fuzz. This is then all engulfed in a rich baritone to add the slightest of post-punk intonations. 


Track: Woman of Ur Dreamz From: Woman of Ur Dreamz (single) Label: Earth Libraries  Out:  Now
The post transitioning sound of ex Jungle Green member Vivian McCall, nibbles at Surf rock , grabs at post-punk and engulfs it all in spindly, anxious jangled riffs.

The Empty Sleeps

Track: Panthers From: Panthers (EP) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Fuzz laden jangle-gaze that lets the most appropriate levels of beautiful guitar melodies simper through the haze. Adelaide’s Tristan Hennig and Nic Datson get this right on so many levels.

Butch Wifey

Track: Wallet From: Wallet (single) Label: Catapult Recordings  Out:  Now
The project of Boise, Idaho’s, Chloe Ponder, who drifts laconic, lo-fi through as much subtle bream-pop beauty as she can lay her hands on. It’s all Soccer Mommy gorgeous, in both feminine strength and musical aesthetic.

The Pierce Kingans

Track: Friend In Flesh From: At Pierce With Yourself (EP) Label: Boat Dreams From The Hill  Out:  Now
Friends of the blog (our Subjangle label released a showcase compilation of the back catalogue in November 2020) Vancouver’s The Pierce Kingans are back with another EP / track oozing a left field, jangly, lo-fi charm that will be coming to another compilation CD near you soon in late 2021! 

Bad Posture

Track: Think About It From: Think About It (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Debut single of a Spencer Hollingsworth solo project that twists a gorgeous isolated and dominant riff through subtle gaze and melancolia…a great start !!!


Track: You Had It All From: Sabbat Matters (single) Label: Howlin Banana Records  Out:  Album out March 21.
Howlin Banana Records have always been the finest purveyors of all things mopdern psyche-rock. This act represent the sweeter end of their roster, with their smooth, almost mototown strains, awash with laconic, jangly psyche.


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