Album Review – What’s Growing by Wurld Series (2021) (Meritorio Records, Osborne Again and Melted Ice Cream Records)


Christchurch foursome, Wurld Series, are finally back with their follow up album to the brilliant Air Goofy (2017) debut and it is a similarly eclectic release of left jangle-pop styles.
The album is two definitive sounds. The brilliance of tracks such as Harvester, Nap Gate, Moved In, Distant Business and Grey Men, provide a dynamism that touches upon both the ramshackle of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and House Deposit style dolewave, whilst always keeping one finger firmly pressed on a subtle sense of Dinosaur Jr fuzz.
Similarly the jangly lo-fi half of the release, is equally as eclectic. Here Supplication, To The Recruiting Officer, World Beating System, Moaning Future Times and Eighteenth Giant Brother, move between lo-fi / indie-pop inferences that move anywhere in and around slacker-laden, under produced, (almost) bedroom pop, through cute/obtuse indie-pop machinations of the TV Personalities,  as well touching upon the more twee reference points of the Adam Green aesthetic. 
What’s Wrong never allows the listener to ‘settle into a sound’ as it thrives upon the band’s ability to suddenly go anywhere.


Wurld Series  –  Facebook 
Osborne Again  –  Instagram  /  Facebook 
Meritorio Records  –  Instagram  / Facebook Twitter
Melted Ice Cream Records  –  Facebook 


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