Album Review – Something Happy by Torrey (2021) (Self released)


As the world has moved in and out of various different waves of infections and concomittant pandemic frustrations over the last 18 months, my musical inclinations have followed various trends ranging from soft cushioning, anxiety reducing 60s melodies, through to jangly indie-pop sardonic (when the politicians pretended they cared) and even pure, Meritorio Records, Bobo Intergral style lucid jangle-pop in the moments of optimism.
With various countries reaching relevant vaccination targets and the gigging again pubs and clubs beginning to vying for what is left of the post pandemic disposable income with live sporting events, there is a general sense of very cautious optimism, that we may not have to walk around masked up like demented football hooligans for the rest of our natural lives.
This debut, Something’s Happy album by by San Francisco foursome, Torrey,  somehow feels the perfect soundscape for this sense of tentative exuberance.
Tracks such as the truly immense opener Screens, Recording 119, the title track and Something New, are typical of an album abundant with a retro / 90s guitar-pop sense of incessive, that is perfectly dragged back from overt enthusiasm courtesy of dulcet jangled riffs.
The energy is further downplayed with the indie-chic of the slightly disinterested female vocals, that are so reminiscent of the best of the female chanteuses from the Britpop era.  With unobtrusive dreamy essences adding unfettered beauty, these tracks just feels so very right for these for these ‘glass half full, but the glass looks a bit fragile’, times we are experiencing.
As a debut full length, this is an incredibly accomplished body of work and justifies the click of every follow button your mouse can find to ensure there is no chance of future releases being missed.





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