Beat The Delete #0121 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for visiting us once more for Beat The Delete #0121, hoping you find a bag load of stuff that will augment your musical likes in the 15 acts below:

Drew Pelisek

TrackColors FromColors (single) Label:  Self released  Out: Now
This solo project of San Diego’s Drew Pelisek (Fall of Troy, Weatherbox) drifts Torrey style melodic through a subtle fuzz, power-pop filter. Truly sumptuous stuff.

Secret Towns

TrackStill Life FromStill Life (single) Label:  Self released  Out: Now
The Secret Towns aesthetic never really rests anywhere. However, it threads fluttering jangle through indie rock muscularity and slightly lush, gaze textures. A truly stunning sound from this Atlanta based foursome.


Track: I’m With You  FromMagic Potion (album) Label:  Self released  Out: Album out 01.09.21
Stunning The Cry style chiming jangle, mixed with the indie-chic brilliance of Babehoven style vocals. This California duo of Sally Jati from Starry Eyed Cadet and Ken Aki from HeroNoHero have obvious and immense, jangle-pop credentials.

Bonfire Vanity

Track: Igloo  FromIgloo (single) Label:  Self released  Out: Now
Beautiful Mt.Misery style melodies coursed through a jangly bedroom-pop sense of gorgeous. These three New Yorkers have their own distinguished sense of laconic beauty.


TrackDress Up FromDress Up (single) Label:  Self released  Out: Now
For fans of Girl on Red, Babygirl, Soccer Mommy etc, this is among the best that jangly slowcore has to offer.

Soft Top Intrepid

TrackSome Same FromSome Same (single) Label:  Self released  Out: Now
Fuzzy, dreamy, gaze-laden mixture, with a constant thread of subtle chiming jangle that acts as sublime foundation. A superb jangle-gaze sound from this Ottawa, Canada, based duo.

The Foreign Films

TrackA Photograph Of You FromStarlight Serenade (album) Label:  Sonic Envy  Out: Now
With the jangly intent of The Shop Window aesthetic married to the smoothness of the Prefab Sprout sound, this solo project of Hamilton’s (Ontario, Canada) Bill Majoros, is retro guitar-pop heaven.

Victory Kicks

TrackEcho The Dusk FromEcho The Dusk  (single) Label:  Unmanned Aerial Vinyl  Out: Now
This London duo take Kurt Vile jangly laconic and add that lived in ‘cool’, that acts like Wilco impart upon the world. Seven albums have not diminished this acts ideas and quality.

Trademark Issues

TrackFables of the Deconstruction FromThe Way It Will Be (album) Label:  Self released  Out: Album release date TBA
This long distance Mitch Armbruster and Gary Hornseth alt pop project is a beguiling mix of Tullycraft style dynamic twee and all manner of jangly 80/90s indie-pop retro.

Adam James

TrackAll Summer Long FromThe Willows (album) Label:  Self released  Out: Album release date TBA
Slide guitars, reverb, fuzz and synth, make this this the perfect marriage of retro sounds and that lo-fi rock essence that screams analogue.

Deanna Petcoff

TrackFailing Upwards FromFailing Upwards (single) Label:  Royal Mountain Records  Out: Album release date TBA
Catchy Alvvays styly jangled riffs, meets the dynamic tempos of the best that indie rock / folk has to offer. This new signing to the always impecabble Royal Mountain Records label, promises the world.

The New Preservation Society

TrackBig Pink Escalade FromBig Pink Escalade (single) Label:  Self released  Out: Now
Reminds me so much of the better parts of the 60s The Monkees vibe. With the extra augmentation of British invasion retro riffs. Lovers of all things 60s…will love this sense of all things 60s !!!

Vern Matz

TrackSmoking Sun FromPerennial (album) Label: Nice Guys Records Out: 16 July 2021
Somewhere equidistant between bedroom-pop, power-pop and all manner of fuzzy persuasions, Vern Matz always enables the most gorgeous, laconic melodies, to simper through.

The Leonites

TrackCalifornia Games FromCalifornia Games (single) Label: Self released Out: 16 July 2021
Indulging this Blogs’ passion for early 60s The Growlers / Dick Dale surf rock, The Leonites add the perfect amount of melodic-pop inclinations in their riffs to subdue the era’s grumbling retro and add the slightest sense of modernity.

Sanguine Knight

TrackSad Year FromSad Year (album) Label:  Classless Records  Out: Now
This fuzzy, jangle-gaze has a real sense of Seventeen Years Old and Berlin Wall meets The BV’s in their sonic textures. Lush style stunning from start to finish.


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