Beat The Delete #0123 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thank you for visiting Beat The Delete #0123. We hope you find some new favourites among the following 19 great acts who were kind enough to submit music to us in recent times.

Luxury Mane

TrackWords FromBest of Lux: The 388 Years (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Beautiful mixture of Billy Summer’s haunting vocals and the most traditional of jangle-pop sounds, laced with the slight monasterial echoes of the 3.A.M Again aesthetic. Beautiful stuff from this St.Petersburg, Florida based threesome.

Dog Days

TrackSlander FromZig Zag Wombat (EP) Label:  Self released Out: EP out 22.10.21
Sun-drenched traditional jangle-pop. Imagine the lush jangle of the Kevin Robertson solo work / Dropkick, add the lowest of lofi production and the slightest remnants of fuzz and you are just about in the very special musical ballpark of Stockholm’s Markus Örn.

Foyer Red

TrackSlander FromZig Zag Wombat (EP) Label:  Terrible Records Out: EP out 22.10.21
Mixing the Omni style of stuttered math rock with the intricacies of the Wife Guys of Reddit’s jangly post-punk, this Brooklyn, NY, trio appear intent on providing a whole new way of doing things !

Colouring Outside

TrackVision of the World FromVision of the World (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Although perhaps not their typical sound, this track lies somewhere equidistant between the mid 80’s jangly indie-pop of The Go-Betweens and the laconic twee-pop of Belle and Sebastian. The lack of tempo suits.

Beige Banquet

TrackConstruction FromBeige Banquet (EP) Label:  Just Step Sideways Out: EP out Sept 2021
Imagine the mixture of the anxious riffs of Wire, the faux jangle of Gang of Four and the jangly post-punk machinations of Primo!  and you are just about touching upon the brilliant aesthetic of this London based quintet.


TrackCentrefold FromBlue (EP) Label:  Self released Out: EP out Sept 2021
Manchester based duo that marry driven, indie rock insistence, to the jangly post punk of the mid 80s The Cure sound.  Wonderfully dulcet dynamism throughout.

Les Gold

TrackWahoo FromWahoo (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Jangly pop rock that is smooth enough to be classed as sophisti-pop and melodic enough to be classed as glorious! This Portland based quintet are a permanent ‘tune’ waiting to happen !

Mazey Haze

TrackHeadspin FromAlways Dancing (EP) Label:  Lustre Out: Now
For those that love the dreamy, jangly textures of the Pixey sound, this flyer single from the forthcoming Always Dancing EP by this Amsterdam based chanteuse promises the world.

Mirror Trash

TrackFaraway FromFaraway (single) Label:  Esdeath Recordings Out: Now
Mixture of a lo-fi gaze aesthetic and the more gregarious, jangly end of the dream-pop genre. There is just something totally beguiling about the sound of this Carlisle (UK) based act.

Majak Door

TrackSmoke in the Air FromSmoke in the Air (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Imagine the Aussie psyche-pop feel of the Babe Radio sound with a little bit of darker maturity and you are just about in the right ballpark of this glorious slacker sound. Destined to be regular visitors to these pages as I am a little bit obsessed with them at present!


TrackNew Dawn Rise FromNew Dawn Rise (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Superb mix of the  Men Without Hats thrum and jangly gaze inflected intonations. This solo project of Edmonton based Arthur Bennell is lo-fi, psyche-pop at it’s fuzzy finest.

Shower Curtain

TrackRunning FromRunning (single) Label:  Balaclava Records Out: EP out 24 Sept 2021
This Brazilian chanteuse (Victoria Winter) makes the beautiful hinterland between woozy Clairo style introspection and Alvvays swirling, dreamy jangle, very much her own.

Brother Sports

TrackWon’t See You Again (featuring Spirit Ghost) From:  Won’t See You Again  (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Left field mix of fuzz/garage pop with a constant core of dulcet, urban surf that holds the perfectly obtuse together, to form a coherent whole. This Austin, Texas Quintet, do things very much their own way.

Peter and the What

TrackGarden State From:  Garden State (single) Label:  Mega Hot Records Out: Now
Lo-fi, fuzz-pop, that sidles upto a Pavement sense of left field jangly as the track develops. All perfectly Mo Troper-esque from this Charleston, South Carolina, trio.

Together Pangea

TrackNervous From:  DYE (album)  Label:  Nettwerk Music Group Out: Now
Even at their most intense and raucous, this track shows the Together Pangea knack of being able to thread a tune through the mayhem. Rapidly becoming Nettwerks‘ flagship band, two months feels an awful long time to wait for the album to come out !!!

Pretty Uggly

TrackAre You My Queen From:  Sanctuary (album)  Label:  Self released Out: Now
With the lo-fi melancholy and introspection of Elliott Smith and the jangly laconic of the best of Big Thief, this is good enough to get past my new music rules, despite it  being several months since it’s release (well, it is new to me !)


TrackHard Feelings FromDreamworld (Album) Label:  Dinkum Records Out: Now
After nearly five years out of the game, 2021 has seen a much anticipated flurry of activity from a Melbourne trio who have always been able to flit effortlessly between left field psyche-pop, genuine jangly indie-pop and mid 90s twee-pop machinations.

Snake Lips

TrackMelt The Sun FromMelt The Sun (EP) Label:  Repeating Cloud Out: EP out 03.11.21
Alt.jangle foursome from Portland, who blend jangly fuzz-pop/rock with the idiosycracity of a Television Personalities meets Violent Femmes weirdness.

Jenny Stevens and the Empty Mirrors

TrackSound of Rain FromThe Distance Between US (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Up there with a great pop chanteuse like Gretchen DeVault, the Jenny Lewis vocals augment everything so very jangly about The Empty Mirrors. The perfect union


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