Beat The Delete #0126 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining us for Beat The Delete #0126. This week we feature A smaller play list of just 15 acts who dared to send the promo blurb in the middle of all the millions of mails we get preceding the joys of Bandcamp Friday…only 15, but I cannot remember a better Beat The Delete for a while ?!
We hope you enjoy this great new music !!!

Sweet Nobody

TrackYoung In Love FromYoung In Love (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Reminds me of a jangly indie-pop mix of The Darling Buds and Holy Now. An absolute beautiful track from a Long Beach, California foursome, whose reputation is enhanced with every release.


TrackThe Snake Wife FromDots (album) Label:  Less Records Out:  Album release date TBA
Subterfuge provide a wonderful mix of laconic indie-folk, traditional jangle-pop and the more melodic end of Americana. This is the second brilliant single from a Dots album that will be released shortly.

Business School

TrackLose You FromLose You (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
For those into Real Estate, Community Swimming Pool, Swiss Portrait, Foliage etc, add this amazing act to your ‘all the best of jangle-gaze’ list !!!…This Alexei Pacholuk is surely a Z Tapes label signing waiting to happen !?

Remington Super 60

TrackSee This Through FromNouvelle Noveau (album) Label:  Cafe Superstar Recordings Out:  Now
Fans of this long standing jangly twee-pop duo, will love this track as much for the story about the relationship break of the couple, as well as the usual sumptuous mix of jangle/twee/sophisti-pop.


TrackSight Unseen FromLove Songs to Remind Us That We Can’t Stand Each Other (Album) Label:  Gigantic Noise Records Records Out:  Album out 22.10.21
2nd single from the forthcoming album of this Portland Oregon foursome, who marry the janglier end of the RGV / DIIV / Motorama post-punk foreboding, to a gradiose sense of cinematic.

Strange Magic

TrackDemons, of Class ’98  FromFeel Good (Album) Label:  June Records Out:  Now
Fuzzy, lo fi mix of the Mo Troper propensity for left field, bedroom-pop melodies and a Guided By Voices off kilter aesthetic. This is one of those sounds that is just totally compelling, from the solo project of New Mexico’s, Javier Romero.


TrackRight Moment  FromRight Moment (single) Label:  Library Group Records Records Out:  Now
This Russian / Estonian act refer to themselves as ‘dream-punk’, however this feels like the best of fuzz, gaze and House of Love style incessant guitar pop all thrown into a glorious melting point!

Memory, Eventually

TrackThe Great White North FromNo Way Out (EP) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
For fans of the 90s slacker acts such as Sebadoh or Pavement, or even the fuzzy anti-indie of Neutral Milk Hotel, this Debut EP by Seattle’s Memory, Eventually, will tick so many boxes.

The Stick Figures

TrackSeptember FromArcheology (single) Label:  Floating Mill Records Out:  Now
This mix of 80s post-punk drone, fuzz-pop and Velvet Underground style indie chic will appeal to all those with a left field jangle bias. Floating Mill Records have done superbly well to breathe new life into this early 80s act.

The Pierce Kingans

TrackStaying Up Late FromThe Piercekeepers (EP) Label:  Boat Dreams from The Hill Out:  Now
Regulars to the Beat The Delete pages, this is another example of the beautiful lo-fi, jangly melodies that this Canadian act is capable of. For long term fans, this has the same appeal as the wonderful Rona Sessions EP (which is the highest of praise).

The Cruz

TrackCrush on U FromCrush On You (single) Label:  Studio Hundert Records Out:  Now
Amsterdam based foursome, who take The Raspberries dynamism and augment it with a little bit of extra lo-fi production/  fuzz, to drag the sound into the realms of power-pop modernity.

GK Chords

TrackFairway FromGK Chords (album) Label:  Seldf released Out:  Now
Mixing the vibrant melodies of The Beatles with a downtrodden lo-fi jangle that could be Elliott Smith in a better mood, or Guided By Voices with extra introspection !!! Superb stuff from the bedroom project of Brooklyns’ ex Lonely The Seabird man, Gary Kertis.

Snake Lips

TrackNothin To Say FromMelt The Sun (EP) Label:  Repeating Cloud Out:  EP out 03.11.21
Propulsive fuzz-laden pop, similar to the recent Miseryslims vibe, but ultimately augmented by the sort of dominant jangled riffs that grab and throw you directly into ear-worm jail !!!

Paul Allen

TrackThe Boats FromThe Boats (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Raw garage rock, with both liberal jangled riffs and fuzz-laden, lo-fi, protruding through every musical seem. The promo blurb states, that this Aussie penned this track “on a beach in Singapore, with a few beers in hand”. It certainly feels the perfect left field accompaniment to any sunshine moments !

Icarus Phoenix

TrackEddie King FromNo tree can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell (single) Label:  Telos Tapes Out:  Album out 10.09.21
Smooth as silk mix of 60s melodic pop rock, 90s indie classicism and Hamell on Trial indie folk persuasions. It’s a hard sound to precisely pinpoint which just gives it that perfect hint of left field appeal.


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