Beat The Delete #0130 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello everyone and thanks for joining us for Beat The Delete #0130...a bit of a smaller playlist this week, with just 14 acts being brave enough to fight the inevitable deluge of emails we all get around Bandcamp Friday !

Granted it is a smaller list...but one of high quality! Let's hope you find another new favourite.

Take care, Darrin


TrackShades FromDaily Events (album) Label:  Too Good To Be True  Out:  Album out 15.10.21
2nd single in as many weeks from this French act, whose dreamy, jangle-pop, retro 80s sound, makes their Daily Events album, that is due to be release on 15.10.21, one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of 2021.

Andrew Taylor & The Harmonizers

TrackWhen I Don’t Understand FromAndrew Taylor and the Harmonizers (album) Label:  Rock Indiana Records Out:  Now
Lockdown project of Dropkick’s Andrew Taylor, that originally consisted of mere audio clips of song ideas, that then had life breathed into them via remote collaboration with his brother (Alastair Taylor), long time collaborator Ian Sloan and his best friend and fellow ‘Dropkickian’ Ian Grier. As with everything that Taylor releases, this is jangly power-pop at it’s absolute finest.

The Proctors

TrackSunlight Satin FromSongs From Summer Lane (album) Label:  Sunday Records Records Out:  Now
This lost jangle-pop album from the early 90s has been given a new breath of life by the band and Sunday Records (with a physical release  of the September 2020 release that includes two extra tracks) and the excerpt below from the Bandcamp release bio explains this better than I ever could:
“The warm melancholy of Sunlight Satin is the perfect illustration of what makes the Proctors so effective, male and female voices intertwine with bittersweet symmetry over a bed of gently roughed up fuzz guitar and leave us with three minutes eighteen seconds of pop perfection”

Rural France

TrackSling Yr Hook FromRF (album) Label:  Meritorio Records Out:  Now
Mixing lo-fi production with the perfect blend of GBV amd Teenage Fanclub, this Wiltshire based duo consisting of Tom Brown and Rob Fawkes bring something truly original to modern jangle-pop soundscape.

Bad Posture

TrackWrinkles FromLooming (EP) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
A Z Tapes label act in the waiting, as they would fit perfectly with the label’s semi gaze meets jangle-pop and chiming melodies aesthetic, perfectly. A beautifully isolated sense of slight melancholy from this Spencer Hollingsworth solo project.

Moon Daze

TrackSunchaser FromSunchaser (single) Label:  Honey House Records Out:  Now
Reminds me of the San Fran psyche-rock meets jangly indie-pop of The Umbrellas sound, with just a little bit of the left field originalty of the The Crystal Furs thrown into the mix.

Air Devi

TrackLint of a Masterpiece FromLint of Masterpiece (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
The always stunning musical modus-operandi of Philadelphia’s, Air Devi, is jangly dulcet riffs, mixed with a laconic sense of dream-pop. This single continues such a beautiful trend.

Clean Hands

TrackThe Sun FromThe Sun (single) Label:  Nairn Doon Records Out:  Now
Jangly lo-fi, mixed with a sense of beautiful, dunder-stated melancholyand fluttering retro 80s riffs.  This solo project of Nick de Ryss (touring drummer for notable acts like Pete Yorn and Day Wave) is laconic beauty from start to finish.

The Forresters

TrackTightrope FromTightrope (single) Label:  Tom Thumb Records Out:  Now
Lurking somewhere between the traditional jangly power-pop climate of Teenage Fanclub and the Raspberries style power-pop, The Forresters will appeal to all those who hanker after a retro feel.

Good at Rockets

TrackThe Margin FromThe Margin (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
This side project of John McCabe (that he undertakes with Joel Cassara) is the perfect vehicle to reveal the undercurrent of Nightswimming, R.E.M. style emotionality, that they manage to course through most of their tracks.

Walking Eyes

TrackTake A Breather FromTake A Breather (single) Label:  Sad Tomato Records Out:  Now
Juxtaposing the jangly post-punk revivalism of an act like Sunflower Beam to the lusicious, subtle gaze of Lush, this Memphis based U.S. seem content to male beautiful their default mode.

Keith Human

TrackLeave Your Baggage by the Door FromLeave Your Baggage By The Door (single) Label:  Melt Records Out:  Now
This has a definitve feelof the Super 8 sound. All subtle 60s pop melodies with an extra emphasis on chiming, jangle. Pop-rock / jangle-pop can be a perfect blend… when it is done this well.

Victims of the New Math

TrackWhat You Don’t Know FromWhat You Don’t Know  (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
This is the recording project of Thomas Young, who delivers tight, jangly psyche-rock that takes regular detours into all manner of 80s genre’s, in the same way as the Royal Target aesthetic.

Far West

TrackLeave Your Baggage by the Door FromLeave Your Baggage By The Door (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
For fans of recent acts like Community Swimming Pool, Swiss Portrait  and Foliage, this solo project of San Francisco’s Ryan Settles has a similar sense of paying slight attention to dreamy-gaze like sensibilities, whilst keeping his full attention of chiming jangled riffs !


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