Beat The Delete #0134 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining us once more for Beat The Delete #0134 !!! We hope you find a new favourite in our weekly new music recommendations below !!!

Farewell Horizontal

TrackBoring Dreams FromYou’re Not an Empath (album) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Fuzz-laden, pop rock, coursed with jangled riffs and a laconic late 80s indie-pop flutter. Farewell Horizontal are the latest act to cement Melbourne’s reputation as “jangle central”.


TrackThe Corner FromIn Your Hands (album) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Rotterdam’s finest, Lewsberg, are back with their inimitable sense of left field jangle. It’s a different, more lo-key vibe this time around, but that merely adds to the sense of compelling that their music has always conveyed.

Mythical Motors

TrackYears of June FromA Rare Look Ahead (album) Label:  Lo-Fi City Recordings Out:  Now
Mid 80s style The Cleaners From Venus aesthetic mixed with a new wave / post punk distant, lo-fi production, that will appeal to young and old fans of all things anglo retro.

Yot Club

TrackAlive FromSantolina (EP) Label:  Self released Out:  EP release date TBA
After the viral success of the YKWIM? track from his Bipolar EP, this is the first single from a Santolina EP that this solo project of Ryan Kaiser is working upon. Typically vibrant and packed with lucid jangle… could this be another 60 million spotify stream winner?

Buckley’s Angel

TrackMansell FromPinnacle Room (EP) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Dreamy, shoegaze, coursed with sumptuous chiming, jangled riffs. A truly enchanting mixture of sounds from this solo project of LA multi-instrumentalist, Michael Kelly.

Coming Up Roses

TrackAll Our Time FromAll Our Time (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Juxtaposing typical South East Asian vocal sweetness, with Baby Girl style dreamy distance and Wolf Alice textured alt rock, this Singaporean threesome create a new beauty out of the soft/loud dynamic.

Black Magick Marching Band

TrackMarmalade Eyes FromMarmalade Eyes (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Becoming a regular to Beat The Delete pages, this Chicago based act have the perfect knack of infusing intriguing, left field psyche rock with the most subtle of jangled riffs.

The Mellons

TrackSo Much to Say FromA Rare Look Ahead (album) Label:  Earth Libraries Recordings Out:  Now
60s The Beach Boys style melodies, tinged with extra melancholy and the subtle modernity of The Lemon Twigs. A superb vintage mixture from this Salt Lake City foursome.

The Leonites

TrackMedizin nach Noten From:  Medizin nach Noten (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Superb early 60s Dick Dale style surf rock, mixed with a sense of The Shadows melodic and an infusion of 80s casiotone keys that hints at the most subtle of twee-pop inflections. This Leipzing based act bring genuine originalty to the surf-rock genre.

The Yellow Fine

TrackVery Bright From:  Vanish (album) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Minneapolis based act, The Yellow Fine, have released their 2005 Vanish compilation on Bandcamp (…streaming in general) and it is packed full of The Lemonheads style slacker-pop like this track and other wonderful fuzz laden, The Velvet Underground style, retro sounds. Highly recommended.


TrackCalling FromCalling (Single) Label:  Excelsior Recordings Out:  Now
Smooth indie rock coursed with jangly melodies, this Rotterdam based act is the sound of The Magic Numbers drifted a Harlem windsock. A sound that should accompany every relaxed moment of sunshine.


TrackShe Has Made it to the Other Side From: She Has Made it to the Other Side
(single) Label:  La Reserve Records Out:  Now
Quite possibly the most engaging, upbeat track in the recent releases from this Brooklyn based act. Still resplendent with jangled riffs to die for, an extra sunshine and energy has been added to the sound. It suits ! 

An Overnight Low

TrackThe Exorcist FromThe Exorcist (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
John McCabe style dark vocals and jangle mixed with slight The Waterboys textures, means that this Manchester based act provides something different out of swathes of familiarity.


TrackRepeater FromRepeater (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
Mixing the robust stadium indie of all manner of mid 2000s UK indie rock bands with a 60s sense of retro that courses chiming riffs through the general muscularity, this Berlin based act is all delicious fraction.

The Smoking Room

TrackSad Dog 2020 From296 Days (album) Label:  Self released Out:  Now
The beautiful, subtle ambience of the Koalra sound course  through the twinkling melancholia of all things Elliott Smith. One of those albums that perfectly accompanies moments of reflection, from this solo project of London based, Kyle Quinn.



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