Single Review – Say Sue Me and the Jupiter & Silhouette Electric Guitar (Harmony Home Sessions) (2021)


It’s been three years since the stunning Where We Were Together  album by Busan, Koreas’, Say Sue Me, gave us the most intense, aural pleasure imaginable. Since then only a couple 2019 singles have reminded us, if ever we had forgotten, of the brilliance of this surf laden, jangle-pop act.
As such this Harmony Home Sessions video (posted yesterday on YouTube) was a more than timely refresher in their inimitable sense of ‘cool’. Now obviously I use the word ‘cool’ as I am old. My 15 year old son reliably informs that his whatisupp / toktik generation use words like ‘the shit’, ‘dope’ and ‘lit’, to describe something cool these days and who am I too argue?
Either way, whatever you call it, this Harmony Home Sessions YouTube video shows that Say Sue Me have ‘it’ in spades. Playing So Tender (the official sountrack to a Korean TV drama) and fan favourite Old Town on Silhouette and Harmony Jupiter guitars that twist a whole new nuance to the bands normal aesthetic, the foursome stand there totally unanimated, in true David Gedge style and simply compel, without really moving a muscle.
I think Simon Cowell has often peered out of the top of trousers to mutter ‘x-factor’, when we do not really know why an act is so enthralling and whilst I find the term twee, it is so apt for Korea’s finest. Check the performance out below.



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