Beat the Delete #0138 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks to you all for joining us for Beat The Delete #0138 bring you our favourite tracks from our submissions this week that avoided the dreaded delete button !

We hope you find a new favourite or become re-acquainted with an old one!

Lowry Lane

Track:  New Waves From: Lonely War (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Built to Spill style subtle fuzz meets the more gregarious melodies of the Surf Curse sound. This solo project of Regensberg (Germany) based, Paul Friebe, hits all the mid-90s fuzzy jangle notes.

Oh Black Sea

Track:  Taxi FromTaxi (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Slack stringed twang, fluttering jangled lead and the perfect level of lo-fi, hazy fuzz, that takes it towards the cooler edge of slacker-pop, without ever losing its bedroom-pop credibility!

The Aerosols

Track:  As Clean As Smoke Gets FromRoom For Wrong (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Juxtaposing the best of Dunedin Sound dulcet riffs, to the most subtle of psyche-pop[ inflections, this instrumental track is typical of the melodic brilliance of this San Francisco based foursome.

Hooper Crescent

Track:  Best in Town FromBest In Town (single) Label:  Spoilsport Records Out: Now
This Brunswick (Australia) quintet course late 80’s Gang of Four / Wire twanging riffed fraction, through a post punk veneer and ramshackle jangle rock element. It’s an incessant mix of sounds and totally enthralling from start to finish. For fans of alt.jangle.

Lucie Too

Track: シワの種 Shiwa no tane FromFool (album) Label:  Thistime Records Out: Album out 08.12.21
Japan’s finest fuzzy, jangly, garage rockers, Lucie Too, are back with this brilliant dynamic single from their forthcoming ‘Fool’ album,

Faux Canada

Track:  Fuck It, It’s Christmas FromWaiting For Christmas (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Obviously all Xmas music is an absolute, sickening nonsense. Unless of course it has the sentiment of this track and jangles with a sweet, dreamy, Snail Mail essence like this one !!!

The Blue Evils

Track:  If I Am Not Tall From: If I Am Not Tall (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
The Blue Evils is the solo project of California’s Ryan Cain, who meshes everything from De Marco style surf-pop, gaze riddled textures and distorted crooning vocals into a whirl of post-punky jangle. A superbly original aesthetic.

Bad Spring

Track:  Left Alone From: Outside (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
This Fresno, CA, duo of Cole Elliott and Kaeleb Dummar find the perfect balance between fuzzy Teenage Fanclub sweetness and Dinosaur Jr crunchy. Power-pop the way the power-pop gods intended !

Sports Club

Track:  I Thought (I Had It All Figured Out) FromI Thought (I Had It All Figured Out)
(single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Somehwere equidistant between alt.folk, Modest Mouse propulsions and the dulcet riffs of The Bats, This Winnipeg foursome just have that beautifully languid feel to them that oozes melodic.


Track:  Pandering Meandering From: Imposter Syndrome (album) Label:  Self released Out: Album release date TBA
This single takes the Britpop sounds of Blur and courses extra jangled melodies through the sound, along with Baxter Dury style, engaging simplicity. Please be advised I am issuing a definitive ear-wrorm warning in relation to this track from Auckland’s, Steve Mathieson (former Collapsing Cities)! 

Outlaw Boogie

Track:  Eyes Wired Shut  From: Eyes Wired Shut (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
This track from London’s Outlaw Boogie (aka the recording project of Michael James Dent) takes twinkling 70s pop-rock meets psyche and twists the most precious of jangled riffs through its very core.
This is (probably) the final single from a busy and stellar, last 12 months for this act and gives us reason to believe the 2022 EP will justify every follow button pressed !!!

Wax Atlantic

Track:  Sunday From: Sunday (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
This acts Spotify bio is merely populated with the succinct line “Melancholy in Major key’, which is so perfectly apt. Washing The Beatles style melodies through a Warren Zevon style vocal delivery, this is jangly, 70s pop rock at it’s best.


Track:  Blueprint (For A Broken House) From: Blueprint (For A Broken House)
(single) Label:  Self released Out: Album release date TBA
Swirling, dreamy, Harlem style contempo pop, juxtaposed with fluttering jangled riffs, that drive the track into whatever beautiful direction the mood takes it. A truly stunning mix of sounds from this Swedish threesome.


Track:  Electrocutioner’s Tale  From: Electrocutioner’s Tale (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
This Dave Beaman and Ryan Rollison project courses Ariel Pink washed out textures, through the subtle, dulcet melodies of the Dunedin Sound. A truly engaging and original sound.



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