Singled Out…Superb new singles by Subterfuge, Pavlov’s Puss, Poploader, American Football, Baby Combat and Letting Up Despite Great Faults


Some great singles released over the last few days. The best of which are below. Hope you enjoy !
Dusseldorf Quintet, Subterfuge, continue their brilliant post reunion form (returned in 2020 after a 15 year hiatus) with this, their third single from a forthcoming Dots album, that is due out at on 04 March 2022.
This Snake Wife single has the very essence of their signature sound, with jangly 80s indie-pop coursed through a strangely subdued sophiti-pop essence, that absolutely typifies the potential of the bext album.

Christchurch, New Zealands, Pavlov’s Puss, are back with their latest single, which takes a Salad Boys (lead guitarist Joe Sampson’s other band) ramshackle and a sense of jangly fractious and augments their sound with an Oso Oso feel in terms of faux melodies and sllight whiffs of post-punk. 
After the brilliance of June’s Fractals single, We Should All Play naked shows that class tends to be permanent !

Always flirting with breaching the parameters of post-rock, American Football’s first release in over two years, offers two elongated tracks of six minutes plus, that are prevented from going over the post-rock precipice by the constant infusion of jangled riffs, that always add ‘that’ jangle-pop beauty.
This Rare Symmetry / Fade Into You single, out of the Polyvinyl Recording Company label  reminds us exactly why this act have been so important to us, from both a pre and post re-union perspective.

Regensberg, Germanys’, Poploader, take all things 90’s Britpop yesteryear and augment it with just that slight lo-fi ,rough edge and faux dynamism that modern fuzz-pop acts like Parker Longbough and Mo Troper have made so essential.
It is perhaps a bit of a departure from the more melodic sound of their previous singles but certainly just as endearing and more steeped in modernity.

Baby Combat is the recording project of Portland’s Noel Yeo, who has released six wonderful singles since his superlative 12 album, that was released in November 2020. 
Although Yeo has always had a penchant for the jangled riffs, they have always been beautifully submerged in fuzz and jangle-gaze tendencies. This Invisible single is without doubt his most melodic release yet and has a glorious mixture of the Charlie Duda and Swiss Portrait vibes.

Their Bandcamp bio, a quote from KEXP radio decribes Letting Up Despite Great Faults sound as “blissful fuzzed-out dreampop”. This, Corners Pressed single, from the forthcoming IV album that is getting a vinyl release in March 2022, takes that aesthetic that little bit further with possibly their most lucid jangled riffs yet.





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