JanglePopHub’s Best of 2021 (Top 15 Singles)

2021singlesWP (1)

Our final “best ofs” for the year of 2021 looks at our favourite singles. Some readers over the last four years have expressed their opinions that this track, or indeed that one, is not really jangle-pop, usually with The Byrds mentioned at least twice in each paragraph, in their mails of angst.
However, if ever a format reveals the many different nuances of the genre and where the genre is going, it is the single format.
I hope you enjoy our favourite singles from 2021 below and may I take this opportunity to thank you for your loyal readership. The blog goes from strength to strength down to your support, which enables / helps our Subjangle label to keep supporting the lesser known acts that have got our jangle receptors a-wiggling !…Kind Regards, Darrin

15.  The Shop Window –  Out of Reach (Spinout Nuggets)


14.  Bosola This Time Buddy It’s All On You (Self released)


13.  Panic State –  How Do We Know (Self released)


12.  Meyverlin –  Archangel (Too Good To Be True)


11.  Spud Cannon –  Juno (Good Eye Records)


10.  Tough Age –  Giuseppe’s Pizzeria (Mint Records)


9.  Makeout Point –  Summerfall (Self released)


8.  Black Inti –  Let Go (1991 Records)


7.  Partner Look –  Lane Lines (Trouble in Mind Records)


6.  The Ashenden Papers Little Jumpy T (Secret Center Records)


5.  Vern Matz Getting Older (Self released)


4.  Lizzy & the Fanatics East Angus 1998 (Self released)


3.  Constant Companion Call Me Caligula (Self released)


2.  Jaguar Purrs A Gentle Man (Self released)


1.  The Freddie Princes – Ivyskin (Self released)



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