Beat The Delete #0144 (Weekly new music recommendations)


It would appear that very few bands have got the message that Bandcamp Fridays are no more and that they can now feel free to submit new music to blogs in the first week of the month again, without fear of their mails being lost in a deluge of others offering a 'demo 2012 re-issue single' for $8.


Either way here are a bakers dozen of new tracks from acts that got the message !!!!


Track: Déjeme En Paz From: Déjeme En Paz (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This solo recording project of Costa Rica’s, Tomer Rosenstock, takes on Jesse D’Kora style commerciality as it core and courses the very slightest of surf and gaze jangly riffs through its wonderful vibrancy.

No Monster Club

Track: Save The Circus From: Deadbeat Effervescent (Album) Label: Emotional Response Records Out: Now
Across a dozen albums, Bobby Aherne has always been relied upon to take various nuances of pop music, breathe in the best part of them and then just let everything out in a completely re-engineered, ‘glorious pop-belch’.
This superb single from a Deadbeat Effervescent album that is due out in Feb 2022 is as celebratory / feelgood as they come !!!


Track: Graeme Downes From: Bulletproof (EP) Label: Emotional Response Records Out: Now
Arizona’s, finest Yorkshireman, Stewart  Anderson and Christina Riley use this track and the brilliant Bulletproof EP in general, to display just why they have remained so essential for 25+ years, to those in the jangly indie-pop know!


Track: Hopes and Hororscopes FromHopes and Hororscopes (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Second single from an Iowa based duo that claim the musical hinterland between Alvvays style jangle-pop spatial and the languid, sumptuous tones of Soccer Mommy.

The Klittens

Track: Herkenbosch FromHerkenbosch (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Superb juxtaposition of Parsnip style, alt. jangly indie-pop and enough perfect irreverence to add twee-pop appeal. DIY heaven from this all girl quintet from the Netherlands.

Jesse D’Kora

Track: The Fourth Day of November FromThe Fourth Day Of November (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Manchester’s Jesse D’Kora is fostering a burgeoning reputation of being able to marry the best of commercial indie-pop with the sort of earworm, isolated twanging riffs that keep him just the right side ‘too sweet’ and just about with the realms of perfect dream-pop.

Skinny Dippers

Track: Through Tryin’ FromThrough Tryin’ (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Ryan Gross, Brooklyn NY project marries the warm laconic of sunny slacker-pop with a bubbling energy emanating from the best of modern surf-pop style jangly riffs. Imagine The Tropicanas residing is California and you are about in the right musical ball park.

Christian James

Track: Tumbling Down FromDo You Want To Grab Lunch Sometime (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Fuzzy power-pop, swathed in all that is precious about the current lo-fi scene. Christian James makes music that engulfs you with its dynamism.

Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers

Track: No Place Like Home From: Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers (EP) Label: PNKSLM Recordings / Shimmy Discs / Joyful Noise Recordings  Out: Album out 
Strange, but intriguing and ultimately beguiling mix of cheesy, 60s girl group schmaltz, post punk and shoegaze. A genuinely daring and original mix from this Curtis Godino led project.

Self Love Club

Track: Idle Hands FromBlue Hour (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Gorgeous lo-fi pop, married to a sense of dulcet Mazzy Starr intropsection and luscious Holy Now style dream-pop. This Nikki Parker project from Austin Texas, oozes jangly sensuality.

Nile Marr

Track: Only Time Can Break Your Heart FromHow We Drift (Single) Label: Park The Van Out: Now
Manchester’s Nile Marr, juxtaposes the incidental jangle of the best of the Creation Records years, with a modern pop rock vibe. A total earworm from start to finish.


Track: Winters Song  From: Humans Worst Habits (album) Label: Fika Recordings Out: Album out 
This Rowan Sandle led project gravitates around a slight, fuzzy, lo-fi melancholy sound that is similar to the Thanks For Coming aesthetic, whilst constantly finding new ways to add stunning emotionality from the most sparse of elements.

The Fisherman and his Soul

Track: A White Actor (These Walls Have Ears) From: Ennio Ennui (single) Label: Self released Out: Album out 
Sebastian Voss is one of those precious acts, like Doleful Lions or TheCatherines, that refuses to follow any sort of ‘pop template’, seemingly crafting his glorious sounds from whatever obtuse machinations have stumbled through his mind of late.




  1. Great list! The Nile Marr track is fun and reminds me of Riverside (USA). Love the moody vibe of both “Idle Hands” and “No Place Like Home,” and I might be hearing distant echoes of The Breeders in the vocals for “Hopes and Horoscopes.” “A White Actor” has a great 60s garage vibe; those trumpets are perfect


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