JanglePopHubMix #0013- (Editors Fickle Finger…Where December ’21 jangled)


Thankfully, despite the demonic forces that are so prevalent around the Christmas period, that tend to make otherwise wonderful indie bands, suddenly start producing the absolute devils vomit that is Christmas / Holiday music, there are still bands like the ones below, with the artistic integrity to say no to Satan.
We hope you enjoy our selection of the best of December 2021’s releases:

  1.  LurveWe Are From Different Worlds (Library Group Records)
  2.  The English RainMelting Into You (Self released)
  3.  Un Dia SoleadoDies Paseos (Self released)
  4.  HorseshowHästskandalen (PNKSLM Recordings)
  5.  The Finest Drops Child of the Moon (Self released)
  6.  MassageStalingrad (Self released)
  7.  Trivial PleasureLike A Ship in the Endless Ocean (Self released)
  8.  CoolzeyFeeling Flaccid (Public School Records)
  9.  Unicorns At HeartDecember (Z Tapes)
  10.  Richard HamiltonReal Neat (Quality Time Records)
  11.  LentamenteSecundaria (Z Tapes)
  12.  TampopoTV Food (Self released)
  13.  ArtsickGhost of Myself (Slumberland Records)
  14. The PhotocopiesWhat’s Wrong With You Is Whats Wrong With Me (Self released)
  15. Of HouseHeart About To Give Out (Underflow Records)
  16. Aizat HarisHave fun an be urself, no need to use curse words (Esdeath Recordings)
  17. Carter C Everything I Do, I Want To Do With You (Friends House Records)
  18. Shoken BoysMusing (Self released)
  19. SmileHalf Faith Half Struggle (Self released)
  20. End SceneStill Alive (Self released)
  21. Subterfuge  –  The Snake Wife (Self released)
  22. The Laughing ChimesLaurel Heights Court (Self released)
  23. VideocassettesExtraño (Self released)
  24. The Smashing TimesA Changing Letter (Painter Man Records)
  25. How Strange It IsPlaceless (Self released)
  26. Sad Eyes BeatniksRing Around Annie (Meritorio Records / Paisley Shirt Records)
  27. Sullen EyesVacation (Self released)
  28. NahRainy Days and Wednesdays (Self released)
  29. Church CrushCalyer (Self released)
  30. Pavlov’s PussWe Should All Play Naked (Self released)


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