Singled Out – Superb new singles from Dehd, No Suits in Miami, Lightning In A Twilight Hour, English Summer, Sapphire & Steel and Calico Loco.


Chicago threesome, Dehd, have always been able to add a sense of genuine garage / rock attitide to their sound. In this Bad Love single, the first from their forthcoming Blue Skies album that is out on Fat Possum Records on 27 May 2022, the sense of the ‘verging on the abrasive’ is still very much there, especially in the sheer muscularity of the vocals,.
However, the overall aggression is now tempered somewhat, to allow the previously, somewhat submerged jangled riffs, to breathe a new sense of life, with a definitive new found lucid.

The Robins Sang is the fourth single released from the forthcoming Nothing Ever Happens debut album by Lund, Sweden’s, No Suits in Miami and despite the immense competitition, is arguably the best. so far.
With jangled riffs seemingly tumbling in, around and out of each other, this is one of those sounds that cherry picks the best of late 80s jangly indie-pop and marries it to the crisp, dynamic clarity that so many modern scandinavian acts prefer to deliver their jangle in.
The album is out on 25 March 2022 …don’t miss out !

Six years after his last release with Elefant Records, jangly indie-pop legend Bobby Wratten, teams up with them again to release this stunning, The Circling Of The Seasons, flyer single from an Overwintering album that his latest project, Lightning In A Twilight Hour, is releasing on 01 April 2022.
With his fragile, fluttering jangle signature sound still very much present, this single takes regular detours into subtle indie-folk / psyche climates that merely add to the sense of stunning.
Theis advance single is available on a 7″ vinyl single at Bandcamp (follow track link below).

English Summer is the solo recording South Australia’s Caleb Carr, whose As You Walked Away (Demos 20​-​21) EP, got all at Janglepophub Towers excited with his chiming jangle, juxtaposed against a slight melancolia, that is reminiscent of the beauty of the Community Swimming Pool Sound.
Less than a month after than EP was released he is back with this sumptuous Holding Against Our Own single, that cements his burgeoning reputation as ‘the’ one to follow in 2022 !

Estella Rosa is possibly the busiest woman is jangly indie-pop / sophisti-pop at present with recent chanteuse appearances with her own Nah band, The Hepburns and now with Dutch/Norwegian sophisti-pop outfit, Sapphire @ Steel (where she teams up with outfit Jørn Åleskjær of The Loch Ness Mouse).
Smoother than a bald man’s bonce and more suave than a 70’s afro, this act make music that makes you want to be engulfed by the comfort all things retro, as typified by this superlative Snø (Vil Falle Over Snø Som Har Falt) single out of Rosa’s own, Fadeawayradiate Records.

Prolific Chicago based six-piece, Calico Loco, never fail to provide jangly riffs to die for, whilst at the same time paying avid attention to all that is fine about the current fuzz-pop scene.
With an absolutely immense jangly intro and a fuzzy outro that has develops with intensity throughout the track, this Bad Hair Day single is going to tick many boxes for many people !


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